April 29, 2015

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Top 5 Ugliest sport Cars ever

Sports Cars are considered as cool and sexy with a wow factor. Here is a list of cars which made people to node their head and with Awwww from their mouth. These cars not only failed in their aim but also mess together with the standard of a sports car. The fact is that each of these models is actually a chaos and many of the engineers have to leave their jobs because of them.

There were cars who although performed well but style and performance were a little issue. Yes with style we want to say cars which look big machines or space ship. Cars which were uncomfortable not only in driving but sitting as well.
No need to send your imagination so far here are we with the list of top 5 Ugliest sport Cars ever.
1. Studebaker Avanti
For any car the terrible sin can be to make it look cheap. The similar case happened with Studebaker Avanti. Depends from which angle you are actually viewing the car as it seems if the car is happened from any accident. Can you just watch its side reflectors and lights, OMG it should be observed as the most boring car of all time. From the casual glance it look like a banana split – like someone going to drown in this banana boat.
2. Plymouth Prowler
 A ZZ Top fan who want a classic look so here we have Plymouth Prowler for him with lots of angles and looks like a plastic box. What will someone say I am driving a triangle like a pizza share! Lol! So whenever you drive this car get ready for the song ‘Get a Leg Up’. God forbid you get this vehicle in yellow like cheese cake.
3. GDT Speedster
 GDT Speedster known for its cartoonish looks. Check its front view seems like a smiley face. However head lights looks like if they are gazing at you. Windshied does not look less than a cookie tray. Thank God it’s not only a single sport car from the company otherwise it would have become history of bankruptcy.

4.  Blast Automotive Blast 
 Blast Automotive Blast Similar to Studebaker Avanti, car is again a gate of boredom. From the inside this car roars while outside it gosssh . There is lot of disappointments when you watch grilles, body and lights. It have a jigsaw feel as a stand alone vehicle on the road to amuse people that something like this can be ride.  The person who has designed it probably wants to drive it alone with his own boring imagination.

5.  DeLorean DMC-12 
 DeLorean DMC-12 If not much the most ugliest in the top five. If we believe this is a future car so I think we should thinking about future. Its stainless steel panel’s ghosh are even not painted when they get out of the manufacturing unit. I don’t understand their window design what they are up too? The cubed lights mismatch the future and past concept. My little knowledge about the cars don’t allow me in understanding the prototype of this car.  


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