April 2, 2015

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Mozilla Firefox Review - The Best Browser in Town

When it comes to surfing the internet, the choice of your web browser can play a big role in the overall surfing experience. The Firefox browser from the Mozilla foundation today scores above its peers on several counts which we would look in detail. While it is miles ahead of the Internet Explorer in performance it can also leave the Google Chrome browser behind on multiple counts. If that was not all the sheer variety of plug-ins available for Firefox today can give Chrome a run for its money.

Full Review - Firefox - Key Highlights

These days opening internet browser only requires muscle memory. We just click on our usual icons and browse further. However even if we have a favorite browser which we use by default, it may be many times  when you look for one which is relatively faster, compatible, support the latest web standards and much secure. 

So here with come with Mozilla Firefox which may be the first and last alternative they have ever come. It has been the favorite open source browser of many since a long. It has an intuitive and well organized interface which further makes navigation smoother. Its features are not useful but powerful as well which makes it pretty simple though accessible. 

It has lot of security and productivity features like web filters which block the websites as per the keyword you set, ad-blockers, download managers, spam and Facebook ad blockers and many more.
Firefox majorly aims on “be simple be easy” fundamental. It provides access to open private windows at once in a complete secrecy, place Adblock Plus and find add-ons. Few strengths which has been flagged by the Firefox fans is that it provides updates to the web browser, parental control, the huge amount of customizable options avail for the users, pop-up blocker, theme installation, auto fill, password manager and so on. It is well equipped to put up multi-touch gestures. However its drag and drop feature cannot be ignored which allows one to drag a website link or text anywhere on the website page and can be used to copy in search bar.

Firebox beats most of the web browser in terms of speed, in compatibility around the web and in quick navigation.  On the security front its NoScipt security suite allows Javascript and Java features to run only on approved websites by you. It’s a big plus since these two are more prone to attack from malicious software. With the customize settings in the browser one can control the cookies, downloads, ad-ons, passwords and scrutiny level placed on the sites. The spotlight feature one-click site info which enables the safety importance of the different websites just by clicking the sites in the address bar. 

One that’s particularly useful is its feature “Hello” an alternative of Skype which facilitate video calls between you and your friends even without requiring either of you an account. You just need to launch, send the invite and here you go.  It has by default numerous ranges of search engines by default like Google, Bing, Amazon, DuckDuckGo and many more. 

For the increased usability Firefox has spell checker so that you can work correctly on the web and automatic session restore so that when you open explorer again you can take up where you left. Further its synchronization feature which provides access to the passwords, bookmarks, history and many more by synchronizing the browsing. With the tabbed browsing even in a single window one can navigate between web pages.

For the better browsing experience Firefox has find-on-page function which helps to look for a phrase or word in a specific webpage. Mozilla Firefox has come up with the extension in the front, ensuring users to customize their browser to the extreme like voice interaction add-on which facilitates usual voice commands to browse across the internet. 

To stand right on the user expectation it has come up with virtual sticky note in which one can add his/her notes and can access later on from the toolbar. With the Pin as tab you can save your frequent visited website like social networking sites, forums, financial sites and many more without opening a new tab every time. Another impressive tool is its Smart Location Bar which manages your choices and uses. It allows you to come back to the websites you previously visited without saving their URL’s. 

Overall if you go with the speed and ease of use undoubtedly Mozilla Firefox is the best internet browse in the town. With this ideal browser you can have customized experience with numerous add-ons and superb features.

Download Mozilla Firefox Now

Download Mozilla Firefox

Even after you have downloaded and installed the Firefox browser, make it a point to check for regular updates.

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