May 11, 2015


Mystery of Malcha Mahal… Prince & Princess waiting for their death since decades

Yes, it sounds weird but there are two persons in Malcha Mahal who are waiting for their death and those are staying without water supply, doors, windows and electricity at their Mahal in Delhi.

What is Malcha Mahal?
Malcha Mahal used to be a hunting lodge in the 14th century which was built by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. It is based adjacent to the Earth Station in Delhi, in the prohibited area of Delhi Ridge. This is largest of all Shikargaah’s built by the emperors. From the ridge the entire city seems invisible and inaudible. The Ridge is entirely uninhabited. In a thick jungle full of babul and keekar there is one building – Malcha Mahal with a signboard



About the Prince & Princess- a story full of sheer pain and horror

Malcha Mahal is occupied by 2 members of a royal family of Oudh, Prince Riaz and Princess Sakina children of Princess Wilayat Mahal, the Begum of Oudh.

Princess Wilayat Mahal was the granddaughter of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh. When Nawab Wajid Ali deposed and his property was seized by Britishers, Begum started to fight with the Indian Government for their property to have that back which is currently shaped into a pharma research center.

During her battle with Government she housed herself along with her two kids in a in the VIP lounge of railway station in delhi for nine years. In the 1985, Government finally allotted Malcha Mahal to these descendants. This was surely not less than a ghostly place for a human being full of lizards, snakes, and other insects.

In December 1993, out of stress and pain Begum Wilayat Mahal committed suicide by drinking crushed pieces of diamonds. But she left behind her two kids Prince Riaz and Princess Sakina, few Dobermans and some royal treasure. The body of begum was lying on her study table for ten days while her kids mourning with grief these days near to her body. Both the kids slept with the dead body a night prior to bury her body.
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After some months few people tried to attack the kids in the search of royal treasure. The frightened siblings dig the grave of their mother and burned her body from being vandalized. The siblings have kept the ashes in a crystal Vial where she was graves till the date. There are many attempts by the thiefs who had once stolen the large silver table some gold and silver tableware from the Mahal.

From then these siblings are staying in the Malcha Mahal without any water, electricity, doors or even windows. They have no connection with the outside world. Even there is no kitchen in the palace. Prince only often come outside hiding his face for water and other basic amenities, often here implies to months.
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Prince has been provided a gun and its license to shoot in self-protection by the Lt. Governor of Delhi in 1990’s when they were attacked. Due to terror and pain these siblings havenot talk to outside world since years.

From so many years they are surviving on the treasure which their mother has left for them which might have been vanished by now. Now they have no one to trust since they are betrayed by their servants, journalists who misquoted them and government officials who had broken their promise.

The siblings have just given two interviews by far. They don’t let anyone inside the palace if someone tries to come they leave their dogs on them.

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Once someone has the chance to see Sakina full of trenches in the face, sad wild hair although her English was flawless. Both the kids are bright but burdened under the sorrows of the Oudh house. It has been from the facts the siblings have been reached to mid age roughly 50-55 years.

Some people call Malcha Mahal a haunted house or ghostly house but the real ghost is the time who has put these royal siblings in the dense forests without basic amenities since ages.

In an interview in the starting years it Prince said that he would die before his sister and then Sakina would commit suicide in the royal way of eating crushed diamonds. It was asked to him if she dies first on which he replied I have not decided for that now.

Some people have seen Prince sometimes riding a cycle to get meat for their dogs. The cycle was in utter bad condition. Some guards of the earth station have claimed that they have not seen Sakina since years and doubts if she has been died.

The siblings don’t want to be disturbed. They are living a hopeless and painful life where we expect government to interfere and provide them counseling. They have enough torture and pain these many years.  We won’t want them to die an unknown death like their mother where people don’t get to know about their death.
Update: The Unfortunate Prince passed away recently. 

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  1. Unbelievable.... Then why not our government take an action foe rehabilitation... At least consider them human beings, not a royal family

  2. Unbelievable.... Then why not our government take an action foe rehabilitation... At least consider them human beings, not a royal family

  3. Government should interfere immediately.

  4. govt. shd do some thing soon if its true

  5. Sad Very sad. This is insane - if this is true and Govt is not doing anything even worst.... Where are the NGO's in such scenes?? No one on the the name of HUMAN RIGHTS....

  6. Oh my god. I think government is also scared with them, they should do some think. They should help them

  7. Oh my god. I think government is also scared with them, they should do some think. They should help them

  8. Govt has to do something to protect them atleast on humanitarian grounds.

  9. From morning I was very disturbed by this news. So so sad last prince ended this way. It's totally not fair. Any government did nothing to them instead of giving them a haunted house.they should have put them in jail. Atleast they whoud had get beeter food .totally unrespectable. May soap rest in peace.if there is god he will never forgive u all responsible for this.

  10. As this news is in media now and royal prince is dead, the govt will try to cover up the story and take the palace.

  11. For a secular country being a hindu i feel sad and embarrassed by this done by government. To treat a royal family like this is so bad. Not provide them with water electricity even worse. No human should be put through this. It was right on their part to stand up for what belongs to them and in a way government simply sentenced them to death by forcing them to live in such poor condition.really really sad reading this.

  12. This is the difference...why British are developed and we are still poor developing country which will continue with same tag hundred of years.Brish give value to their Queen and Prince since many centuries they really preserve their culture. We just boast of our our culture and fact we are worst on this side...we couldn't even provide water and electricity to our Maharani,prince and princess. We just let them die helplessly hopelessly...Shame on our part...our govt.