November 16, 2017

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Restaurants in Bangaluru showing disregard for recently implemented rate cuts

Several restaurants from the state of Bengaluru are still charging users on the basis of previous GST norms, showing complete disregard for the updated GST norms implemented recently by the Govt.  according to citizens of Bengaluru multiple restaurants are still charging people on the basis of the earlier 18% tax slab after the GST council put eating outside under the 5% tax slab.

After the recent revision by the GST council, the A/C as well as the Non A/ C restaurants have been brought under the new tax slab of 5%, which were earlier under 18% and 12% tax slabs. A lot of the restaurant managers when asked about the non – compliance stated that they still have not received any official guidelines, on the basis of which they would implement the changes.  Whereas a few others explained the delay citing implementation are in already in progress and would be in action at the earliest.

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Image Source  - Indian Express

The representative of the Bengaluru Hotel Association explained that all the hotels and restaurants have already been notified about the new guidelines and a gazette had already been issued informing them about all the necessary changes that need to be implemented. 


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