November 17, 2017

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Narayan Murthy reiterates confidence in Nandan Nilekani

After Infosys founder Narayan Murthy expressed dissatisfaction with the Infosys board, he recently showed that he has not lost confidence in Nandan Nilekani and his chairmanship of the company.

In his recent speech Murthy gave assurance to the company investors that as long as it is being headed by Nilekani, it is in safe hands and we can all sleep in peace.

Recently when the company’s earnings for the second quarter were declared, Murthy assured that there are no traces of wrongdoing that should involve any kind of investigation. He also went on to reiterate the stance that the company had taken in its recent investigation where it set out Vishal Sikka free of all charges.

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Keeping in mind the recent controversies regarding the comments made by Murthy himself on the administration as well as those in charge of the top position were cleared to a great extent in his latest address.

Murthy founded the company in the year 1981 with six of his other friends, including Nilekani. They are currently in-charge of the major company operations and are heading the top positions as well. Murthy has been vocal about his criticism for a lot of the employees, especially those in the limelight. The most recent ouster of Vishal Sikka was reportedly due to criticism by Murthy.


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