November 16, 2017

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Amazon Seller Services in India Pumped with another 29,000 crore

Just when its biggest Indian rival Flipkart had managed a funding of $4 billion (around 26,000 crore), Amazon got pumped with an even bigger amount, taking its total investement only in Amazon Seller services to be around Rs17, 840Crore. Which is way more than Flipkart’s Rs 8, 349 Crore in marketplace.

The resolution passed this year for Amazon Seller Services has been to increase the share of authorized capital to Rs 31,000 crore from Rs 16,000 crore. These figures are indicative of the plans of the American giant, they are not only investing in services like cloud and payments in India, but also want the retail business to cross $5billion commitment mark.

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Image Source - The Economic Times

For the year 2017, Amazon has already invested RS 1600 crore in Indian market in the month of June, and then another 1600 crore in the month of October. Thus crossing the figure of Rs 2000 crore that was invested in Indian market last year.

Amazon in India is expanding on a great pace, its 41 delivery centres in India are spread across 13 cities, and they aim to scale the warehouse and fulfillment network to be able to cater to heavy and bulky businesses as well. According to Amazon, its logistics service is used by almost 90% of its 2 lakh sellers.


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