July 1, 2017

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Airtel and Vodafone reports lowest profit in four years because of the Reliance Jio. Find out how…

Ever Since its last year, Reliance Jio has been making headlines for its services. It came in the market with a bang, forcing every other network provider in the country, to alter their price. Jio has helped in digitalizing India, giving free internet services to every household in the country.
It has boosted the group of digital marketing in the country by almost 50 percentages. Today the majority of the population in the country is surfing the internet and is familiar with most of the applications available on it.   

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How Reliance Jio Brought a Wave of Digitalization in India?
Reliance Jio has made a big start in the telecom market of India in the last few months. Reliance launch also came in handy, as during the demonetization phase in the country. People were able to use digital means of transaction, without spending any extra money on the additional cost of internet data. We can also consider demonetization as a major cause which really helped in Jio getting popular in every household, as people were forced to use online transfers for money exchange. The popularity of Jio, also made other major network provides like Airtel, Vodafone etc to rethink and revise these marketing strategies. Users' mobile bills have also declined unexpectedly, as most people opted for Jio connection. 

According to the recent report, the profits of the entire telecom sector have also come down. As, other network brands were forced to decrease their service prices, in order to hold their customers. Today mobile bills are no, longer a trouble, and if you are a Jio user than you must be enjoying your free mobile services. Recently Jio, became paid, which demanded its customers mere Rs 403 to get an extended free calling and internet data of 1 GB free for three months in March. Now Jio's wealth-of-offers are also going to be complete. And we can’t wait, to see their next market strategy. Reliance has really taken over the Mobile industry, which is dominating the country in time duration of less than a year.

Use Jio and Forget About Your Mobile Bill

It is the biggest evolution in Mobile industry in India, since the launch of mobile itself. Jio was able to target audience from all age groups from youngster, to kids to adults. Even business owners took benefit of this service who don’t have to add a mobile in their account now. Unlike most network providers, Jio free calling service is applicable for all networks, which is what makes it so efficient.

Even non Jio users can’t help but appreciate, it launch, as its introduction in the market has helped them get a better and affordable offers from their network providers. The way network prices were raising, it seemed like most of these big brands were enjoying their dominance in the country. But not anymore, as Jio doesn’t seem to go anywhere, that it sure offers the most affordable offers with a promise of best quality and speed in the market.

So what are you waiting for, if you haven’t applied for a Jio SIM yet, get one today, and save all the money that you spend on your mobile bill and get yourself a spa appointment.   


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