April 10, 2017

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Top 6 Haunted places in Kashmir

Kashmir is considered one of the most beautiful places on the planet, and certainly the best one in India. Yet there reside some dark shades of blue and red, in this Indian paradise. Kashmir is not only popular for its beautiful ice valleys and gardens. 

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It also has a few spooky tales based in its forests and unknown villages. Too much beauty can bring out suspicion and this is exactly the case with this place.

1. Udhampur
If unusual activities excite you, yet you are afraid of the unknown, then this is the place for you. Udhampur’s army quarter will make you question all your doubts about the unknown again, as the perported ghost residing here has never been accused of harming anyone. 

Udhampur Railway Station

Several locals and tourist have witnessed a hazy white apparition floating in the sky, which disappears and reappears randomly. These shadows are also known for emitting light which fades mysteriously in the sky. They also produce a mysterious noise, the echo of which keeps buzzing in your ears. It is said that these paranormal activities are most active around 1 to 3 AM.  

2. Gawkadal Bridge
Gawakadal Bridge is probably the most haunted place in Kashmir, which is visited by hundreds of ghost lovers every year. Cruel spirits are considered to have been living around Gawkadal Bridge, ever since they were brutally killed for demonstration against the patriotic instincts for the country. It is said that the unfortunate and brutal death of these Kashmiri protesters refuse to gain salvation. These paranormal activities started soon after the incident in 1990. Trespassers have reported encounter with several ghostly apparition during the night hours. 

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Residents of the area claim to be used to the weird noises that can be heard over the crossway. These spirits still haven't received their peace and seek revenge for the way they were murdered. The story is unfortunate; however their presence can be felt in the air around the Bridge. These spirits are still considered to hold vengeance, which makes it one of the most haunted places in Kashmir.

3. Ghost of Abdullah
In the long list of paranormal creatures, ‘Jinns’ are mostly popular for holding a good image.  However, this ‘Jinn’ resides in a Srinagar house, it is known for his evil presence, which has scared more humans than you can image. Naturally, it doesn't like intruders in its house. Several localities have reported that their wearable accessories and items are thrown out of the house when they step into the place. 

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

Apart from the spooky voices and unfamiliar screeches, you would witness paranormal activities as those of flying shoes, closing doors etc in midnight, in the house. With your first step into the house, you will be able to feel the chill and goosebumps on your skin. Despite being a nightmare, this place is a popular spot for ghost lovers, who consider it as the most haunted place in Kashmir.            

4. Haunted Tree
This haunted tree is located in Gurez road in Srinagar, whose sight is enough to bring out all biggest fears. The tree is easily recognized because of its dark spooky vibe, which can be strongly felt in the atmosphere. It holds a scary structure, which reflects a symbol of dark power. 

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

If tales are believed, this tree is considered as a hub for multiple evil spirits, who practice their methods/ techniques under the shadow of this tree. Mostly ghouls are associated with the presence of this tree, and are said to reside around this area. These ghouls are known for their destructive and ruthless behavior, which has harmed several passers by. Multiple ghost hunters have tried to solve this mystery, but unfortunately got trapped under its spell. A similar place is located in Delhi which holds a similar tale, whose mystery remains unsolved, the place is called Malcha Mahal. Touching this tree, should be the last thing you should consider, it is said that some ghost busters, in order to get rid of the evil touched this tree for chanting, on the night of Amavasya, who are now possessed, with no remedy till their death.
A full night is probably the worst time to travel through Gurez Road, as these spirits’ loud laughters and sudden appearances can give you nightmares for days or maybe months. This is probably the most dangerous, and haunted place in Kashmir, where you can actually get possessed by a ghost.

5. Ghost of A Guide
Kashmir’s hollow valleys, which look like a painting in the morning,  turn into a scary trap during the night, which is ready to entangle you. This ghost serves as a guide to lost strangers at night, who are unable to find their way out from the valleys. These occurrences are most common around the air base of Jammu and Kashmir in Srinagar. Several visitors have reported a person, who comes as a blessing and helps them, and then disappears into the darkness of the valley. 

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

This ghost is a friendly ghost, who doesn't have a record of hurting people. However, it is still a spirit, whose presence, and disappearance will probably shake you. The ghost has been wandering around these valleys for years helping people find their path.

6. Haunted Mosque
Before reading the story, you need to understand that how this spiritual place became afflicted with evil spirits and demons. As illustrated in Ramayana and Quran, a constant flow of light and burning of fragments is necessary, to maintain the constant presence of divine in that place. This mosque is located in a small village in Kashmir, which has been deserted for years, it has now turned into a home for several powerful evil spirits. The ignorance of people towards God, has turned this spiritual land into the black heart of malevolent souls. 

most haunted places in Jammu and Kashmir

According to villagers’ tales, people who entered the place at night, have either died or came out possessed. It is also believed, that you can get inflicted with incorrigible diseases if you step into the mosques. It is a daily struggle for villagers, who have to sleep with the spooky noises, screams and door banging, around their house. The silence of the night contributes in maximizing the fear in the heart of villagers, making it one the scariest, haunted places in Kashmir.     


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