April 10, 2017

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Most Haunted Places in Goa

The Indian coastal place is popular for its extraordinary beaches and beautiful resorts. Goa is considered one of the favorite vacation spot in India. With the beauty and fun party vibe surrounding this place, one would never link the place with any kind of evil or darkness. 

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Don’t forget to protect your soul, while having too much fun here, as Goa has its own share of spooky mystery. Here is a list of few scariest, haunted places in Goa.

1. Igorchem Bandh
Usually, we consider ghosts to be active only during night, as darkness is believed to reflect evil. However, ghosts here, at Igorchem road are known for attacking and roaming in the sunlight as well. It is situated exactly behind a church named Our Lady of Snow, which strengthens these evil spirits, who rise in power behind the back of God. 

The place is haunted by multiple ghosts, whose back-story hasn't been tracked yet. It is believed that if some one, crosses this place during afternoon between 2-3, with every step forward, he walks deeper into his own possession by the evil souls. If you are planning, on exploring haunted side of Goa, then we advise you to restraint yourself from going anywhere near this bandh during afternoon. This is considered one of most haunted places in the country, where you can feel paranormal activities even in bright daylight.

2. Saligao Village
Saligao Village is a small village located in Goa, which is said to be haunted by Christalina. Villagers believe that the ghost haunts a banyan tree. The presence of Christalina, was confirmed by an incident that occurred 61 years ago, when a Jew Padre Lourenco, went for a small walk on a seminary road, unaware of the dangers.

 His family waited a few hours for his return after collecting everyone around for help. He was found the next morning by some workers, who found Pedre facing the ground, lying in mud, right next to the haunted tree. The incident caused him severe trauma, making him motionless and speechless for 4 days. It was on the fifth day, when a priest witnessed him lifted in the air screaming “Christalina”, while blood dropped from his body, as scratches started appearing on his body. Following the incident, the news spread through the neighboring villages as well. The villagers still prohibit their children from going anywhere near this tree.

3. Janki Bandh
The bandh is located in Navelim, which is considered the scariest haunted place in Goa. In an unfortunate event a few years back, a bus full of school children, met with an accident, killing all the children. 

Janki Bandh

This accident took place at a linking bridge between Drampur and Navelim. Several local residents claim to hear crying noises and screeches occasionally during the night and while crossing the bandh.

4. D’Mello House
People can hear a whole ruckus at this house, many passersby have often reported incidents where they could hear, noises of outbursts and loud cries coming from the houses. According to a local tale, the house was owned by two brothers, who were in a regular dispute regarding the division of their ancestral property. This dispute soon took an ugly turn, when both brothers were caught up in a violent conflict, which caused the death of D’Mello. 

Since that day, these paranormal activities, have become a regular occurrence in the village. D’Mello’s ghost scares away anyone interested in buying the property, by damaging the property, or physically harming the buyers. A similar tale is held by haunted place in Delhi, called Malcha Mahal, where a woman committed suicide, who is still said to haunt the place, looking after her two kids who are alive. 

5. NH 17
This Mumbai Goa Highway is popular as a hub of several evil spirits and witches, who are always looking for flesh and blood. It is advised by locals, not to carry any sort of meat during the night, while passing through NH 17, as these witches might get attracted by the smell. A few years back, a couple was traveling through the highway. Unfortunately for them, they were carrying several non vegetarian items in their car. Suddenly they lost control of their car, while its lights started switching on and off. Somehow they managed to stop their car and walked out of it. Their doors were locked automatically, after almost an hour, their car was covered in black smoke. Following this, the husband opened the car to check it, and found that all their food was gone. He was diverted by his wife’s scream, who was covered in scratches and blood all around her face and neck. 

The story was hyped by media, which made the place very popular amongst people. Later, several others came up, bringing light to their own experience with the witches.                 

6. Baytakhol
Baytakhol is located between Bori and Dhavali, which serves the classic stereotype of reel life ghosts. A shadow of a girl standing at the center of the road is often reported to be seen by multiple travelers. The closer you get to the girl, the louder she starts screaming. The eerie shouts of this girl gives you a terrible feeling which forces you to turn around to an empty road. 

Multiple accidents have been reported due to this as this causes a sudden shock due to the missing presence of the girl, which leads in driver losing control his vehicle, which often leads to accidents.     

7. Three Kings Church

The holy place is not as holy as it is possessed with three power greedy spirits, who often make their presence felt by shouting and breaking things inside the church. According to the local tales, it is believed that their lived three Portuguese kings, who were blinded by greed for power and kept fighting for the throne. Hogar, one of the Kings, put an end to this constant fight by poisoning the other two, taking over the land and throne. However, this happiness was not long lasting.When his kingdom realized what he had done in order to gain the power, they came together and revolted against him. 

Watching the angry mob, the king committed suicide. All these three kings bodies lay buried deep inside the soil of this church. Later the Church was named after these Kings. Since that day people can  feel their ghostly presence, who still seem to be fighting for power under their graves. You can visit the church by traveling just 15 Km from Valsaav.       


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