April 14, 2017

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Make Money with BHIM App - Invite your Friends and Earn

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Recently on the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, PM Narendra Modi, launched a digital payment interface; Bhim – Aadhaar. This was launched for merchants of Nagpur to allow for easier and hassle free exchange of money. After the launch of the app BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) on 31st December 2016, he has now launched this interface, along with an inaugural referral offer.


Under the offer, a user who refers another user to use BHIM app, will get Rs 10 credited in their account, after 3 transactions have been made by the user they referred the app to. This offer will benefit not just the person who is referring the app, but also the one who has accepted the offer of using the app. Both will be credited with a cash amount of Rs 10. The offer is thus a win -win situation for both the users. This offer is however valid only till 14th of October.

Apart from this offer, there is another cash back scheme available for the merchants as well. This scheme grantees users a cash back offer for every transaction that is done using the app. The government has supposedly set aside a budget of Rs 495 crore to be spend on increasing the popularity of the app, by benefiting the customers for a period of next six months. The PM thus went on to urge youngsters to make greater use of the app, and take full benefit of the app.

However, the public is not the only one benefiting from the scheme here. With the launch of these schemes, the downloads of the app are expected to shoot up, thus benefiting the makers and promoters of the app as well. The PM emphasized this launch, as well the launch of the BHIM app as the DigiDhan movement, which was launched with the aim of cleaning the nation from the menace of unaccounted black money.

During the launch, certain exciting features of the app were also revealed. These included the use of biometric data for making payments, thus avoiding the use of debit cards or credit cards altogether. For this, the merchant will also need to have a device with the biometrics enabled. Once you have these at your end, you will not even need internet or your smartphone for making payments. With the help of your biometrics, payments will be made directly from your account to the account of another person. 

The app is available for downloads on Google playstore for Android devices, as well as iTunes for Apple devices. On both the platforms it is available for free, and can be downloaded to allow the users the benefit of cashless, digital payments, which will not even require to make use of the commonly used digital payment devices like mobile or plastic money. This can certainly be considered as one of the most advanced, and purely digital form of payment to be launched in India till date. The BHIM – Aadhaar interface has already been active in 27 banks across the country


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