April 4, 2017

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Best SEO Plugins For WordPress to Rank Higher

When you create a WordPress blog, you would naturally make attempts to promote your blog, and garner a reader base. Writing a creative blog, with quality content is not always sufficient to increase the popularity of your blog, and make it one of the top ranking links in Google search. This is one of the main reasons why people indulge in SEO practices. Along with efficiently managing SEO for your WordPress blog, you are also advised to make use of SEO Plugins, to help your blog attain a better position. 

SEO Plugins are often effective, and are available for free as well as for a price. The ones for which you need to pay are usually the premium SEO Plugins. The free ones are equally good, and certainly effective. Given below is a list of free as well as paid plugins, to help you improve your blog rankings.

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1. Yeost Plugin – This is one of the leading free SEO plugin for WordPress, and also has the maximum number of downloads to its share. This plugin provides as the most comprehensive solution available, with the potential to cater to all the on-page SEO requirements. With this plugin, you can add meta tags, SEO title, meta keywords in all posts and pages of your site. There is a long list of features that are provided to you by this plugin.

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2. Semrush – This one of those tools that is used by experts, to know more about the SEO strategies of their competitors. Through the use of this tool, one can not only know the advertising techniques of their rivals, but also the best place for backlinks, organic keywords and more. This is one of the commonly used tools for improving one’s SEO, and making their site rank higher than that of their competitor’s. This is not a free tool, and is thus used mainly by professionals.

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3. Google Keyword Planner – This is one of those tools which acts as a model for several other SEO plugins or tools. The amount of efficiency and features provided by this tool continue to remain unbeaten. This is currently the number one free keyword tool for all advertisers. Along with presenting advertisers with the most searched keywords across the search engine, it also provides them insights into what all keywords can they bid for, the level of searches being done with that keyword, and what is the difficulty level attached to it. For content marketers or bloggers, this tool is of utmost importance. It not only helps them know the most searched keywords, but also ways of bringing their content on top of their rivals’.

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4. Link Patrol – Another premium SEO tool for your blog. As the name suggests, this is one of those tools using which you can monitor all the links that have been placed on your site, as outgoing links. You can keep a tab on all links and know the links which are providing link juice, and a lot more.

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5. Open Site Explorer – This is a tool that has been designed by Moz, and is one of the best free, reliable SEO tool. With the help of this tool, you can check data with any random domain name, you can know who all are linking with the given domain, and also the anchor links being used by them. Since this tool is available for free, it has its own limitations, and does not allow more than the permissible search limit per day, per person.

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There are several other SEO plugins for you to choose from. This is not where the list ends. You can choose from a wide range of free SEO plugins providing with not just quality services, but also assured returns. For high end or advanced operations, you can opt for paid/ premium SEO plugins as well.

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