February 19, 2017

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Top 5 Apps for solid access to Social Media

The world feeds and runs on social media these days. From getting across their messages thousand miles ahead to receiving the latest news, shooting to fame and all kinds of business up-gradation, social media has become the central and prime instrument to keep the world on it’s toes and get theses roles running.
People have started involving in excessive social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. In-order to get these multiple social media accounts running smoothly and easily organized , apps have come into the market that works as tools that manage these accounts.
We have listed 5 major apps to help those who have multiple number of social media accounts in-order to run them smoothly all at the same time.

1. The SocialOomph App:

This app particularly helps in managing the Twitter accounts. It also helps users manage accounts on Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn and RSS feeds etc. This app gives you a very versatile and flexible tweeting options and helps you find profiles with just 1 keyword of your choice. The lengths of URLs can also be shortened and can be sent to different in-boxes directly. 

2.  The Hootsuite App:

This app is one of the most used and appreciated among all the other social media apps. It can hold and manage almost all Social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and acquires the ability to provide all the functions related to the social media platforms. Hootsuite also provide excellent analytics option for SEOs, making all your updates relatable and market friendly.

3. The Buffer App:

If you are interested in marketing your presence in the social media, this app is an important app that will help you market yourself well. It gives a neatly administrated schedule for all your social media updates by setting them according to date, time and month. Buffers support you in the use of Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. It also provide you better analytics for SEOs and keywords.

4. The SocialFlow App:

Like the Buffer app, the SocialFlow app also is great for online marketing. It helps you arrange all your updates for the right time and date when your audiences are usually most actives and helps you grab the maximum opportunity at the fullest. This app is useful for both individual users and large organisations. 

5. The Everypost App:

When your updates and post are mostly visual it grabs more attention. Sometimes it’s not all about the keywords or a good content. Your social marketing is very much dependent on good images and thats where the Everypost app comes to the rescue. This app gives you lead in sharing substantial multimedia contents that includes Posters, images videos and GIFs on social media areas like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedIn.  It also help you to organise your updates and sets them as per your convenience of its publication. This App is affordable for Marketing Organizations.

So if you happen to have any social media accounts, maybe you should consider using anyone of these.


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