February 2, 2017

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Quick Tips To Increase Your SEO Ranking in One Month

Getting your articles successfully published in your websites can be exceedingly tricky and painstaking, for it requires one to input the right key words and contents for a good amount of website visibility.

A lot of people engage their time and energy in selecting the right SEOs for the visibility of their articles and websites.

But one must understand, for an affective SEO, keywords are not the only key agent in boosting a website, but effective website usability is much required.

So, what is a Website Usability?
Website usability surrounds a numerous components that deal with the website presentation. A few that can be listed are below:

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1. Potency:  Can a user effortlessly order products and find what they desire in your website?  If a user can achieve their goal and locate the required information and products, your website is liable and effective for users.

2. Productivity: The only reason a user engages them in an article or a site is when it provides them something in return. The entire goal of a website it to be efficient and productive. A user must be able to wring in their desired information they require by just a click away.

3. User Friendly: When your website can be easily navigated and is a user friendly, users happen to spend more time in website which increases the popularity of your site. But when users find it difficult to navigate through the website or find it hard to understand how your website operates, it is likely for the user to navigate away from the website.
4. Memorability: Can your website be re-located again once users leave the site? The repeat traffic technique can help boost your website and get users engaging in your website for a longer period of time. Are the keywords catchy enough to get the users re-visiting your side? It is important to focus on the memorability of your website so that users may find it easy to navigate back to your site.
5. Error check: Certain error in your website can not only affect your site but also reduce your ranking in the search engine.

Website Usability is important to SEO’s ranking since Google not only favors a site with  quality keywords but the also presentation of the website.

These are 12 points that can not only help the usability of your site but also increase the SEO ranking. Here it goes:

1. A High and Fitting Content:
If you want your users to spend enough time in your website, then presenting a crisp and excellent quality write-ups are highly recommended. The amount of time a user spend in your website increases your SEO ranking. A recent research has found out that, websites that had contents ranging from 2000 words to 25000 words had more engagement leading to increase in their SEO ranking.
2. Lesser Loading Time:
When it takes more than seconds to open your page, users often steer away from the website. And you don’t want to make that mistake of creating your files too heavy. It gets your site almost difficult for users to load and navigate freely. Focus on using a good image with a lesser resolution to improve page loading speed.

3. Picture Perfect:
Focus on using not just a good image but caption or the title referred to the image should be catchy and easily traceable by users.

4. A Good Header Tag:
Nobody enjoys a read with a site full of words and unappealing format. To engage and up your rank, you need to focus on your writing format. Proper use of Header tags, breaks the content accordingly. A good font and appealing color fonts too, can increase your SEO ranking and user engagement.

5. Outbound Links:
To make your site more engaging, sometimes inserting a link that sends the users to a direct information, can often win the trust of research engines and provide more engagements. Be sure not to insert to many outbound links into your contents, for it often ends up becoming a distraction rather than a help.

6. Power of Multimedia:
Apart from a good content, other multimedia sources can really shoot up your post engagements. Video, sideshows, images etc. are powerful tools to up your site. Users often engage more when videos are available in the sites.
In fact, videos grab more attention than content most of the time. And users tend to spend more time in viewing the videos than contents.
Videos are a good tool to increase your SEO ranking. People receive more from visual contents and tend to remember it longer.

7. Broken links:
Certain error in your website can not only affect your site but also your ranking in the search engine. Make sure you do not have any broken links.

8. A Readable Content:
Making sure your contents are readable by any layman, is of chief importance. Users usually tend to steer away from site that has contents which are not readable or beyond their understanding. So a content that is both simple yet effective is of foremost importance.

9. A Contact Details Information:
It has been found out that Websites that has specified their contact details and addresses has been more sort after by users. Providing contact details can build users trust in your site as well as for search engines.

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10. Site Construction and Planning:
When a site is user friendly, easy to navigate and located makes up for an efficient site for users. Imagine, if you can’t locate your desired area in a website, it tends to move your interest away. According to a research, sites with a flat architectural structure is more user friendly and increases the SEO ranking.

11. Mobile Friendly:
Be sure to make your site a mobile friendly. It has been found out that more than 75% of users have turned to search engines via mobiles and tablets. If the website isn’t created for mobile utility, it brings down the SEO ranking.

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12. Social Media:
Make sure to have the facility of the share button. If a user happens to find your site and content interesting and wants to share it in Facebook or Twitter , it would be a good option to have one of those share buttons on your site. It gets more audience engaging in your site once it is shared on social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the list goes on.

It is often very vital to focus on the representation and usability of your website along with a good tangible SEOs. Website usability is vital for a strong SEO, for that helps the website attain the ranking and popularity its desires.


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