February 2, 2017

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Pregnancy Aid Scheme launched by PM to provide financial assistance to pregnant women

On the 31st of December 2016, the Indian PM launched the Pregnancy Aid Scheme with the aim of providing a financial assistance of Rs 6000 to women who are undergoing pregnancy. The scheme was launched on the new year’s eve with the aim to provide pregnant women with money for fulfilling their nutritional and health needs. 


The scheme will provide women with the money by transferring it directly to their bank accounts. This money can be used for paying the hospital bills, as well as other necessary expenditures, including vaccinations for the child. The scheme has been launched across 650 districts of India, by transferring money directly in the bank accounts, the government will also be able to deal with problems like black money and money laundering. A lot of the times the money does not reach the beneficiaries and is instead consumed by the middle men. Through account transfers, such corrupted practices can be avoided.

The scheme would help millions of pregnant women in rural areas who could not afford  proper maternal care due to lack of funds. In the light of the erstwhile Jan Dhan Yojana, millions of women became account holders, and all of those who are pregnant right now, can avail the benefits of this scheme. 

Currently the benefit has been implemented in 53 districts only, and is providing the women with only 4000 rupees, but as its success is felt, and the scheme gains popularity, its reach as well as the benefit will only increase.

Guest Author:
Kaveri Arora
New Delhi


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