November 5, 2016

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VLCC Lovable Lips Strawberry Lip balm Review

The plummeting temperatures and cold winds can be harsh on your skin especially can take a toll on your lips.

If you land up with the dry and sore lips, a soothing lip balm is a must. In this review post we have got VLCC Lovable Lips Strawberry Lip Balm to protect your lips as well as suit all budgets.

Price: Rs 125

Packaging: The VLCC Strawberry lip balm comes in a sturdy twist up bullet tube. I really like the packaging.

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, and Vitamin E,  

Application: After applying the lip balm it stayed there for a long time. It just glides on the lips as butter and do not have waxy texture. This is also to be noted that it does not get absorbed and stays on lips in a strawberry shinier colour look.

The best thing about the VLCC Lovable Lips Strawberry lip balm is that it gives a health pink shade on the lips for which I get complemented from friends as well.
Smell: The strawberry lip balm has a faint strawberry smell which tastes sweet on the lips.

Value For Money: Since it’s has SPF 15 to protect the lips from UV rays gives a plus point to the lip balm.

Over all it is a great lip balm and I would surely recommend it to must a buy product for your lip care.       


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