October 25, 2016

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Kahaani 2 trailor is out: Watch Video, Amitabh Bachchan posts YouTube link of Kahaani's sequel on Twitter

A high emotions and drama packed movie is all Kahaani 2 trailer is showcasing.
In the Kahaani 2 trailor Vidya Balan is look like a mother. Here I am saying  look because we have seen part 1 which has taught us to not count anything on its face value.

But one thing is must if we were under the idea that Sujay's storm was just for a movie then Kahaani 2 a fast, fearless thriller has all up for it. 

Vidya Balan always has been the first choice of director Sujoy Ghosh. She is as usual in crackling form who meets with an accident in course of finding her daughter but it is the array of other characters who is bringing flavor to the trailer Arjun Rampal. He seems to be the investigator of the case. 

The trailer loops from  hit and run soon converts into a complex mystery of murder, kidnapping and yes off course a child in between.

Here watch the Trailer of Kahaani 2


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