October 25, 2016

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'I'm So Sorry To Make You Sad And Disappointed': Ankita Lokhande

TV actress Ankita Lokhnde and ex boy friend Sushant Rajput break off their relationship in the beginning of the year. If we believe the reports of Bollywoodlife.com Ankita is not happy these days and feeling sorry to which she has posted a heart drenching message on Instagram.

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Not to misunderstood the public apology that she has wrote is for her parents not for Sushant Rajput in which she has stated that how her parents deserved the most love and attention from her.

Find what she has written here-

She wrote, “Dear mom and dad, there’s no word to describe what you mean to me. There’s nothing that I can repay for what you’ve done to me. There’s no one that could replace both of you. There’s no way to regret being your child. There’s no imagination what I would be without you. I’m so sorry to make you sad and disappointed. I’m so sorry that I always spend your money. I’m so sorry I get mad, every time you don’t allow me to do something that I want. I’m so sorry I cannot remember that I can’t remember one by one. In the end I just want to say massive thank you and sorry. I have one promise for you, I will make you proud one day.” 

Ankita we are really touched with the note you have written. Stay blessed!!!  


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