October 3, 2016

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Being an Army wife: This love story will show you other side of a soldier's life

Neha kashyap wife of a soldier has expressed her feelings on the facebook page of “Humans of Bombay” . Many of us have shared it and expressed our feelings towards this post. In this post Neha has shared her personaal life experience that how she meet her husband way back and how’s their life changed since then. Do read her story
"We first met when I was studying law in Sinboyosis and they were cadets at the academy. Everything began in very strange ways. Me and my friend 11 bucks at the end of every week to catch a bus used to access the Academy of NDA. Kantin only because the food there was very cheap! In this way we became friends, but soon they IMA Dehradun and then went to several places in the country as an officer had been transferred.

You believe it or not, all this while we are in contact with each other only through letters. It was the year 2002 and mobile phone in India had just arrived. Such communication with each other so we life, tales of everyday stories were shared. They were childish letters, but also superb. I could not know that a person by the same letters as they are intuitive and simple man.
Six years have gone like that. SMS me one day and finally done 'feeling for you in my heart and I always want to be with you. " With this message, all sealed. There was no formal proposal or pretense whatsoever.It was just love and stability.
After the wedding I went with them Bathinda. Where I was working from home law. We're with the half-year and the day you were special. Being a professional, but I knew that every two years I could not get you there with them here. Many places were where their postings, they were such that I could work there just to teach. But then I am not a teacher, a lawyer
However, we both decided that I will go away to Bombay I could pursue my career and it will continue its work according to its posting. It was hard work. It was really difficult, but many things were planned. A change that also changed our long letters so long Whotsap chat!
Sometimes we meet again four months later. But as for me everything he had 15 days to spend with them. And not only for me, so our three-for-two-year-old daughter. I think that in the eyes of the young men of the Army for his country, which is passion, there is no word to tell him. Here we keep complaining and holiday bonuses, promotions in the military many times before but at the same rank, same Tnkwah live on for decades.
They are currently in aviation. There are days when I am suddenly awakened in discomfort and bleed them to say that you do not fly today.There are days when I really miss my daughter, then I say that it is increasing regain composure whatever is happening is for our country.
They are such good parents so remote, but they keep asking my daughter on the phone today he learned in school. Our habit that we tend to remember them after losing their men, they say thank you. But we ought to thank them everyday. Rose should have to perform for them happiness.
Many of my batch mates or my husband battle a technical glitch caused lost. There are many days when nothing between us fade. Because then they are such places where the network does not work. Then a few days later by phone that they are fine. How difficult is for us all to suffer. But still I do not remember that one day, they have no complaints. The same smile on your face every day they wake up, because they know that they are serving their country. "

The original article you Humans Bombay Neha written here  can read.)


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