October 28, 2016

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10 people with extremely strange sexual organs

Strange, weird, and crazy anatomical variations occur in humans since ages. But it would be more interesting to see the people with bizzare sex organs.

Woman with 500 orgasms in a day

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In the absence of any sexual desire, the Persistent Genital Arousal Syndrome (PGAS) makes the sufferers sexually aroused to such an extent that a person orgasm more than 500 times a day. 
Zara Richardson so aroused with the orgasms that she can have more than 500 orgasms in a day the worst cases reported so far for the PGAS syndrome. 

She says: “People think I must be in ecstasy every day but constantly having orgasms is ruining my life.

“I have no control over the way my body feels and it affects every aspect of my life.

“It often happens when I walk up the stairs, drive over speed bumps and whenever my phone vibrates in my pocket.

“I’ll also have an orgasm when I’m reaching for food at the supermarket, walking through turnstiles,  pushing a shopping trolley and even when someone sits next to me on the sofa.

“I wake up feeling aroused and go to bed feeling that way.
She says: “I will sometimes sit with a packet of frozen carrots or peas wrapped in a tea towel over my parts because the coolness stops me wanting to orgasm.”

On the top of it we also have one tragic suicidal incident of a woman known as Gretchen Molannen, 39 who committed suicide because of the agony of PGAS. 

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A man with female reproductive organs

A British businessman Duane Walters, 38, discovered that he has a fully working womb inside him. Though he had normal male genitals, he also had ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and other female reproductive organs. The man known as Rob has undergone the surgery to remove the female organs on the certainty that he would menopause now.

A man with two penises 

Yes, there is a man who refers himself as Diphallia Dude has two penises. The condition is known as "diphallia," and it affects about 1 in 5.5 million men. In a reddit post he has shared some images to prove the reality of his condition.

He has also released a book to provide a deep insight of his sex life. In which he has revealed how he had sex with a more than 1000 partners dealing with two erections at the same time.

A woman with two vaginas

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Hazel Jones is a woman with two vaginas, two cervixes and two uteruses. The condition is known as uterus didelphys, which is not easy to diagnose till a women enters puberty.  

She has grabbed the attention of the porn industry on which she said she would never consider accepting any role in such film. She is very much active on the reddit and gladly replies over the questions asked by her. If you have any question to her unique condition you can talk to her here

The man who had a decade long erection

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You must have seen Viagra commercials stating to visit doctors if you have erection more than 4 hours but what about the idea of erection for a decade.  It’s completely true for a man known as Charles Lennon who had a decade long erection when his penile implant surgery to cure his impotence failed miserably.

The situation became even worse when he was not able to get that correct because of other health complications. This state made him so alone that due to constant arousal he won’t feel to go out. He was not even able to give hug to his loved ones due to awkwardness and pain.

A woman without a vagina

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In the list above we talk about two vaginas, but what if I say no vagina at all. Honestly speaking it is not rare though. We can have one in 4,000 women who born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (no vagina). These women look similar to other females apart from the missing vagina.

Jacqui Beck is a woman with the Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome who lately discovered the problem after so many visits to the doctors.

The situation can become life threatening if the uterus work properly and menstruation still occurs, but the blood has no place to go.

The good point is that vagina can be created with surgery or pressure-induced dilatation techniques after which if a woman has ovaries can easily have baby with vitro fertilization.

The man with the largest scrotum

                                                                Image Source

Wesley Warren Jr. is a person who revealed about his condition with a hope of raising the $1 million required for surgery to have his 160 pound scrotum removed. His situation was utterly bad that sometimes in the process of finding his penis he used to land up spraying his urine all over.

In spite of his efforts he could managed to raise only $8,000 on which in April 2013, a doctor offered to perform the surgery free of charge.
The surgery went well and he recovered but unfortunately due to diabetic complications he died in 2014.

Woman with the strongest vagina

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Tatyana Kozhevnikova unofficially owns the label of world’s strongest vagina because of her record for vagina weightlifting. She can lift 31 pounds with her vagina. In the Guinness Book of Records she is entitled with vaginal weightlifter. She’s been practicing the art for 15 years and even has barbells designed purposely for her vagina.

She says,” “It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed.” Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Woman with largest vagina

                                                     Image source

Woman in the 1800s named Anna Swan holds the world record for the largest vagina. She had a crazy 13 inches in depth vagina. But it is also important to note that she was 7 foot, 8 inches so possibly everything was just in right fraction. She also holds the record for giving birth to the largest baby with a weight of approximately 60 pounds.

Man with three testicles

                                                          Image Source

By far we have 100 cases of Polyrochidism (disorder of more than one testicle) which have been reported in scientific literature of extra testicles. The condition generally gets detected at the age of 18. In the condition the highest number of testicles recorded is five not affecting the fertility at all.  

GardenofGandalf has a condition called Polyorchidism, meaning he was born with extra testicles. In a reddit post he has revealed his three testicles.  


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