October 27, 2016

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10 maddening Foreign Objects Found Stuck In A Rectum

These days getting foreign objects stuck in your rectum are not new or weird. Every day or other we read about the stories of weird objects getting lodged in the bums of peoples.

Doctors are the expert to reach out those places where even we can’t dream. It is assumed the large foreign objects found in the rectum are directly inserted through the instead of going through rectum.
Usually condoms and sex toys are the most found on the chart of top foreign objects but did you ever wondered what is on the bottom? Our bizarre list here makes the count of those craziest objects that made us think “bum me hai dum”

Here read the list

1.    Deodorant Canister

I                                                                                    Image Source

According to a case report of The Internet Journal of Surgery a man reached at Riyadh Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia complaining of lower abdominal pain. In the x-ray report doctors found out a deodorant aerosol canister which they removed under general anesthesia. However, the real reason for insertion was not disclosed by patient.

2.    Empty Glass Bottle

                                                                 Image Source

According to a case report published in the journal Annals of Surgery this empty bottle was found in the rectum of a 72 year old farmer who arrived at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. This accidental introduction of bottle took place during his routine of using a nearby dumping area to defecate.  By mistake he falls on the empty glass bottle that was deeply embedded in the ground.  

3.    50 Cm Long EEL

                                                           Image Source

According to a case published in the journal Surgery a man 50 years old arrived at Kwong Wah Hospital in Hong Kong, China with the complain of abdominal pain. The radiography showed a glimpse of an EEL. On which patient told that he inserted an eel into the rectum to reduce his constipation.

4.    Key

                                                          Image Source

Searching for your key here and there??? The search ends check your bum instead

5.    Vibrator and Salad Tongs

A man tried to remove the jammed object with the help of a pair of salad tongs. And guess what the tongs stuck too! OMG

6.    Peanut Butter Jar

                                                     Image Source

Mercy on the fellow who got the peanut butter jar inside him. It doesn’t take a detective to the investigator team of doctors to crack a case. It was as smooth as a peanut butter to send this man to the ER.

7.    Body spray glass perfume bottle

                                                     Image Source

A 39-year-old married white male lawyer reached to ER to remove a self- inserted perfume bottle in his rectum. He attempted to remove the objects with a back scratcher but in vain. He had inserted the bottle many times before but this time it got stuck deep inside. The 3 by 17 cm object, "Impulse Body Spray," was removed physically using a spinal anesthetic.

8. Cell Phone

                                                              Image Source

While showering with his cell phone a lawyer accidentally fell on his cell phone, getting the phone stuck deep inside at his backside. In the course of removing the phone, it rang three times.

9. Flashlight
                                                               Image Source

Not sure what the person was doing with the flash light…May be showing light to his dark parts…lol

10.                      Toy car
                                                                Image Source

The incident remains in media for a long time when the late Ryan Dunn of the television show Jackass intentionally inserted a matchbox car into his rectum just to irritate with the ER physicians. I guess he seems to forget it’s his rectum not physicians.

Do you have any other interesting story to add please drop a line we would love to add that in our bizarre list. Till then take care


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