September 3, 2016

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Searching Inside Apps With Google “In Apps”

If we go by statistics, then there more than 1.4 billion active android devices worldwide and this number is on rise. So, Google has made things easier and a lot more convenient for android users with a new and robust feature of “In Apps” for android devices.
The android device that you use, will have a lot of apps for chatting, music, managing files, your to-do-list and for a lot more things than I could enumerate here. With so many apps, if you will have to look for some specific content out of them, you cannot go through the app and find it from every nook and corner of the same. This is where the new feature of In Apps by Google comes into scene. It will help you find content from your installed apps in a blink.

The Google app on android devices, will display an additional tab for In Apps along with other options like Images, Videos, News on your home screen, when you are looking for something in the search bar. And tapping on In Apps, the search will be confined to your device only.

For instance, you and your friend had a conversation about some cafe a month back. And now you want to go through that part of your conversation. Finding this somewhere-buried-information in your messaging app is quite easy with the new feature of Google app. Just add a few keywords of your conversation in search bar, tap on In Apps and there you are.
You can do the same for an email that has been lost for so long, for playing some song in your music app with a long playlist.

Some Added Features Of In Apps

This new search mode will take your experience with your android device to a whole new level. This new way to look for information stored in your smart device’s apps has some added functionalities too:

Offline Searches

Google searches take place on remote servers and thus displaying search results, but with In Apps, it will entirely look up for the content in your phone. Since search is being done on your phone only, you can do searches even when you’re offline.

Some Tweaking

And a little tweaking is also possible. You can configure which apps will appear by navigating to the Google App’s Settings. You can set ceratin apps on and off.

Compatible With Many Apps

The In Apps feature is compatible with Gmail, Spotify and YouTube, and this compatibility will be extended to more apps later on.

Final Thoughts

This is quite handy if you have messages, notes and other stuff spread across multiple apps. So, rather than having to open apps to find content, all you need to do is use In Apps.


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