September 7, 2016

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MailTracker – Now available on Firefox

 One of the most sought for features in Google - MailTracker, is now also available in Mozilla Firefox browser as an add-on. Getting to know whether your sent mail has been read or not can now be figured out even from your Mozilla email account. The feature that was earlier limited to Google Chrome email application – Gmail, can also be accessed on Mozilla Firefox email application – Thunderbird. Read on for more info on MailTracker in Mozilla Firefox.

MailTracker allows users to know whether the mail sent by them has been read by the recipient or not? If yes, then at what time and at what location? And also, how many times did the reader read the same mail? This feature is as disadvantageous as its advantageous. Now users will no more be able to excuse themselves by saying they never read the mail! Where as, on the other hand the sender will be sure about the fact the their mails have not only been received but also read. Like many other things MailTracker in Mozilla Firefox comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

MailTracker has been one of the most awaited add-ons in Mozilla Firefox, with the coming of this feature the users have all the more reason to opt for Mozilla email as their primary email client. It provides the users with as detailed and user friendly interface as Gmail. All that a user needs to do to know whether the sent mail is read or not is to add an extension along with the sent mail, which will enable them to track the sent mail. This can help reduce the anxiety for those who were always anxious about whether their mails are being read or not. However it also adds on to the anxiety of the mail being read but still not getting any replies.

This is certainly beneficial but will somehow also add on to the modern day anxieties. However maintaining a good mental health with reduced anxieties lies mainly in the hands of the user. There is no escaping from these new age technologies and advancements, staying away from them often leads to a person becoming technologically backward, which is unacceptable in todays world of Internet and smartphones. We as users of smartphones need to smart users who are well aware about how to keep a  healthy distance from these technologies and maintain a balance between necessary usage and addiction. 


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