September 3, 2016

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5 Best Night Filters For Your Android Device

The last thing that you see before you sleep is definitely your mobile device. Bluelight from your smart device can put strain on your eyes. And if you have nocturnal habits of reading or browsing with your phone, then caring for your eyes does not need any second thoughts. In that case, you will not be okay with the in-built light regulator your device has. You have lots of free third-party night filters with more functionalities.


Hanging in the notification bar, Twilight lets you exclude apps from dimming. Although, you can’t control the color levels, only the temperature and intensity. But this will be more than enough for many users.
Twilight is quite compatible with AMOLED screens. Once you get done with the initial setup, you’ll very rarely feel the need to make changes in the future.

The app has a pro version in case if you need a little more than the free version. With the Pro version, you can control the time the screen will take to dim after sunset.


Sometimes while night-reading, even the minimum brightness of mobile or any other device seems very much. And when you cannot set it any lower, all you need is Midnight App because it will let you set the brightness level lower than the minimum level.

Without incessant pop-ups and ads, Midnight will give you all the major functions of a night filter. With a round slider interface, you control the black, yellow, blue and red light. With that done, you can click on play button to preview changes. Automatic mode will start or stop the screen filter when the screen is turned on in dark places. Midnight has a sensor to determine ambient light. In dark environments, the brightness level will be adjusted automatically.


If you accidentally happen to set the screen light too dim, the Dimly app has a shake to restore feature. Just shake your device and you have undone the change. Dimly shows a slider on tapping that app. You can toggle the blue light filter off and set the brightness level accordingly. Though the app is free of cost. 

However, for $1.99, you can keep ads at bay and schedule a start time.

My Eyes Protection

As the name suggests, the app will remind you to give your eyes a break from constantly looking at the computer or mobile screen. This one is a simple night filter with nothing much to configure. But still it finds a place in our list because it does what a night filter should do. There is configuration for blue light filtering and but not any other color customizations.

Bluelight Filter

This one is another simple night filter that will filter the blue color and reduce the brightness of your smart device to lower levels. No extensive tweaking, but you can toggle the app on and off.

With free version, you have constant ads, switch to pro-version if you don’t want them. Since the app is really simple, it won’t drain your battery much.


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