August 4, 2016

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VLCC Hydrophobic Sunblock Lotion SPF 50 – Say Bye Bye to Sun

Summers for me is all about getting tanned and I hate it. Every day I go to college by bus and waiting for the bus in this hot weather is all that worries me a lot. My skin got tanned due to spending time in the sunlight. I can’t wear full sleeves all the time, it gives me lot of sweat and itching. Exposure to sunlight not only gives tanning but also many other skin related problems like skin diseases and skin cancer. I was so worried because I can’t skip my college every day. Then my friend recommended me about VLCC Hydrophobic Sunblock Lotion SPF 50 Reviews. She asked me to apply it once and see the results. So for regular 5 to 6 days I applied this and found that my skin came back to normal and even after standing in sunlight I did not the reddish and pain full marks worry. The first thing I noticed while applying this cream was its fragrance, it has an amazing raspberry fragrance. The Texture of the lotion is not too thick or thin but the main fact is, it gets completely absorbed easily, it just need to be rubbed all over the body. Now whenever I go it has become my friend in summer.

As the brand claims it is a water resistant formula with SPF 50 and PA+++ that protects from UV rays. The Raspberry seed oil protects the skin from tanning, redness and irritation. VLCC sunscreen SPF 50 should be used in every 3-4 hours of exposure. Avoid contact with the eyes as it can cause irritation and itching. The key ingredients of the product is Raspberry Seed oil sounds

The product is applicable for all skin type, also it is travel friendly. The packaging of the product is very cute and nice, it comes in a yellow-white squeeze type, my favourite!!. It is easily available in any shop and the price is decent that anybody can afford this.


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