August 4, 2016

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Sensible detox for the to-be-bride

You are getting married and wants to look gorgeous than the rest on your big day. It’s your day and you ought to look radiant! So instead of picking crash diets and hit and miss beauty treatments go for a rational detox that just not cleanses your system but also makes you glow naturally.

A healthy and sensible detox diet should be followed two weeks before the marriage day. This detox diet bring glow to the skin, increases immunity and weight loss too.

Bring in body cleansers drinks
Drink a glass of luke warm water with honey and lime every morning on an empty stomach. Also introduce a glass of coconut water around mid morning. It helps your kidneys in flushing out the toxins and at the same time keeps your body hydrated. A well hydrated body retains the moisture in the skin and helps the body in utilizing all the nutrients.
Get rid of those extra pounds
If you feel that you need to lose those extra pounds then you should satiate only 70 percent of your hunger. Remember the lesser the better, smaller meals good health.
Wear the glow
Introduce green tea in your daily routine as it is loaded with anti-oxidants which is important for glowing and effervescent skin. Add vitamin A and iron rich veggies like carrot, spinach and fenugreek to get a flawless glow on the skin and improvise the intake of fiber. In order to avoid protein deficiencies add yoghurt to your diet.

Do proper exercise
The goal of mostly brides is to get slim down and eat lighter to look wonderful on their M day. The detox programme works effectively if you add sought of exercise routine along with it. You can do Yoga to remain calm and anxiety free for those stressful days. You also walk some miles for body toning. You should not go for excess intensive exercises so that you should not compromise on the immunity.

Have fruits for the body rejuvenation
A fruit offers enough energy to function the body smoothly. A glass of buttermilk with this makes your nutrition optimum. To curb hunger pangs an orange is right tip which also have highly rich anti-oxidants. The market juice should be avoided as they have fructose and gift you some extra pounds instead. It is not good to eat fruits with empty stomach as it increases the growth of bacteria. You can also have fruits after dinner instead of desert and in the evening as eve-snack.    

 Maintain distance with Sugar
Going slow and low with sugar will uphold gastric health and keep you tone. Bad breadth can also be avoided with this. However for the sweet craving you can go for dates, nuts and fruits as these are the best way to much on when you get a sugar craving.
Be flaxen to fat
Never go fat free as it is a very important nutrient to maintain skin moisture. A fat free schedule can lead to brittle nails, hair fall, joint pain, and much more. You can try brushing a little butter on your toast or apply little ghee on the chapattis to prevent skin dryness. To get other nutritional benefits you can also have some nuts like peanuts, almonds and pistachios.
A sample detox diet for the bride-

Breakfast plan

Alternative 1: Curd + Muesli

Alternative 2: Toast + white egg

Alternative 3: Whole wheat flakes + milk

Alternative 4: Upma/poha +curd

Lunch plan

Alternative 1: Khichdi with vegetables +curd

Alternative 2: Vegetables + curd rice

Alternative 3: Fada ni khichdi with vegetables + curd

Evening snack plan

English tea/Green tea/Coffee (from skimmed milk) along with fruits

Dinner plan

Alternative 1: Soup+sprouts+curd

Alternative 2: Chicken soup+salad

Alternative 3: Khichdi with vegetables + soup

Alternative 4: Curd rice + salad

Alternative 5: Vegetables + fish

It is crucial that a bride needs 7-8 hours of daily sleep to look radiant on her marriage day.


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