August 3, 2016

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Get bright matte lips with MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

From a couple of days I have been been thinking of trying something new for my lips. While surfing on the internet I come to know about MAC Matte Retro Liquid Lip colour that made me crazy for this brand to purchase. Though I got completely bored with my same colour shade I found never seen before, shades in this brand. I immediately ordered Rich and Restless- a salmon pink shade for my lips. The product is absolutely stunning, earlier I used to think that matte shades gives a very dry feeling on lips but MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip colour totally changed my opinion and made me a big fan of this brand. The pink shade makes my skin looks more fair and attractive. It dries superfast on the lips and looks velvety and very pretty. 

There are total 15 shades that are available in this brand and these are:
1. Fashion Legacy
2. Feels so grand
3. High Drama
4. Dance with me
5. Lady-Be-Good
6. Tailored to Tease
7. oh-lady
8. Recollection
9. Quite the standout
10. To matte with love
11. Personal Statement
12. Divine-Divine
13. Mademoiselle
14. Back in Vogue
15. Rich and Restless

The texture of the Lip colour is very creamy, also it is sweet in taste (yeah I got the taste in mouth) and smells slightly like vanilla flavour. It does not require to apply double layer of coatings just one coating gives the lips a complete matte look. The product is long lasting, even if you eat or drink the lip colour doesn’t get light. The brush used in the lip colour is very smooth and the formula is also waterproof.

I really like the packaging, it is very simple and elegant. The top looks like regular lipstick but after opening it up it gives a very gorgeous applicator. The price of the brand is also worth it and anybody can buy it easily through online stores or from the market. This can also be used for every day, in office, in parties, in some college seminars. I think this brand is nice and worthwhile as it gives you completely new look and makes your lips more fashionable and stylish.


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