June 5, 2016

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VLCC Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30

Now leave your umbrellas behind and step out in sun freely without worrying for skin tan. Thanks to the revolutionary VLCC Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 that has been formulated with special ingredients to help fight skin tan and ageing in the best possible way making your skin supple and soft and radiant all day long. I myself am a big fan of this cream ever since my cousin recommended it to me and now after regular usage, my skin feels so great even after hours of sun exposure.

Whether you know it or not but sun rays are harmful for the skin especially during long exposures. Invisible to eyes the harmful ultraviolet rays can lead to many skin ailments apart from the normal skin tan, so it is important to apply a good sunscreen lotion or cream every time you step out in sun and VLCC Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 is one such cream you can trust for its bundle of benefits. This is not just a sunscreen cream but one enriched with the goodness of SPF number and higher PA that works as a protector against harmful sun radiations. This broad spectrum sun expert cream is totally paraben free that is harmful for the skin. In short, Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 is a must have beauty cream that you must carry in your bag for application anywhere anytime.
For your information, let me acquaint you with the benefits of SPF 30 for different skin types. Well, a good sunscreen like Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 offers protection against harmful sun rays for up to an hour for people with fair and sensitive skin and up to 2 hours protection for people with wheatish skin. SPF 30 works wonders for up to 3 hours for dusty skin and up to 4 hours for dark skin people. So, now, you can see how the SPF 30 in this VLCC product will benefit you and for how much time.
Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 is made out of a number of natural plant extracts and oils like Aloe Vera Extract, Pineapple Extract, Sandalwood Extract, Almond Oil, Turmeric Extract, Cucumber Extract, Carrot Seed Oil, Wheatgerm Oil and Jojoba Oil. All these together offer their goodness to make your skin tan free on every single use.
This unisex liquid cream from the house of VLCC is suitable for all skin types. Applying Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 is utmost easy and all you need is to apply a liberal amount of this cream on your neck and face at least 15 minutes sun exposure for maximum benefits. In order to fetch best results from this cream, you may re apply it frequently before stepping out in sun.
A 100gm tube and a 60gm tube of VLCC Matte Look Suncreen Cream SPF 30 is available at a pocket friendly price of Rs. 295 and Rs.195 respectively with a full 2 years shelf life at all the leading cosmetic stores. Users are happy to use it and have granted it a review rating of 4.5 out of 5 for its effectiveness on their skin.


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