June 5, 2016

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Travel with comfortable clothing: 7 women’s favorites that work like charisma

I love travelling and hope most of you too love travelling, but travelling can be traumatic. We always remember the sweet memories of our trips but the journey can put chomp in your memories; sitting for hours with no leg room.   For the long travel clothes should be chosen carefully to give the most comfort and usability. In last few years I got the opportunity to travel couple of times in a month and observe travel fashion carefully.   It’s important to look good while travelling but being in comfort should be also priority.

Denims are universal attire which look good and gives a splendid feeling. Better you go for a cotton jeans like Levi’s women skinny jeans, my must pack item during travelling. These Jeans are perfect for travel.
Levi’s women skinny jeans
Leggings are made up of breathable fabric which delivers comfort and flexibility for easy mobility. They fit well for most of the body types. So you try a traditional look also like Deepika Padukone’s look in Piku.

Biba's straight Kurta
Roomy pants

Hold on to fashion with roomy pants like palazzo, harem pants or loose fiited pants. These loose pants not only give you a style cut at the same time give ample breathing space for long time.

KOOVS's print wide trousers

Wear a layer

This is perhaps the most widely touted look for travel. Whether you take flight or train AC might make you feel uneasy. A light pashmina stole can help you to add or minus elements as per the temperature of the surrounds.

Wear flat footwear

Girls love to wear flip flops but during travelling it’s not wise to carry one. Spare your feets from heels since you don’t know how much you have to move. Remember; never wear new footwear during travelling. 

Avoid underwire bra and spiny jewellery
Both these will poke and you have to adjust them every now and then, giving you an unpleasant experience. Wear comfortable undergarments and smooth jewellery. 

Shopbop three floor dress

Look for something stretchy, dark and versatile colors. Avoid wearing white since they can cause stain and give you an uneasy experience.

What you wear during your Journey? Do share your tips in the comment section.


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