April 6, 2016

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Most Scary Top 10 Haunted Places in Delhi to Visit

Even those who don’t believe in ghosts are interested to read about them or experience them and this is a common practice noticed at the several haunted places in Delhi. Delhi, which is otherwise one of the ancient cities of India is a home to several beautiful monuments and historical places is also a home to a number of haunted sights. Several dynasties have established their capital and reign here and with each dynasty there was something spooky that added to the haunted history of such places which are now counted among the scariest places of Delhi.

Desolate and strangely haunted, these are those sights in Delhi that have some rib shaking stories behind them. Ironically, the city that is considered as the epitome of modernity is also haunted in many ways and several witnessed accounts prove these stories. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, a word of caution is a must about these paranormal energies in some of the most haunted places of Delhi. In other words, through this article, we don’t wish to inculcate a feeling of horror in you but instead warn you against the most haunted places in Delhi that one should avoid visiting at all costs.

1.    Bloody River/ Khooni Nadi

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Scary as its name, the Khooni Nadi or the Bloody River is a river that flows in the Rohini region of New Delhi. According to the people residing in the nearby areas, this is a bloody river that is said to take lives of those who have dared to enter it; however, many also believe that these deaths were just accidents or suicides and not the fault of this particular river. Others believe that there is some supernatural force that attracts the visitors to dive in this river and commit suicide and many such incidents have been reported by the local people residing nearby. Whatsoever, be the truth but one thing is for sure that this is one of the scariest haunted places in Delhi that anyone would not dare to visit.  

2.   Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

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Located on Bahadur Shah Zafar Road, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort is counted amongst the most haunted places in Delhi. Though, many people know this place for its nearby Feroz Shah Kotla Cricket Stadium, legends consider this particular fort as a scary place that was actually rebuilt in 1354 by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. As per William Dalrymple’s book “Delhi”, this is the place where Djinns resides that is invisible to the naked eyes of human beings but his strong presence can be felt here. In its present ruined form, this fort creates a scary feeling with its dark halls, hollow corners and complete silence. It is believed that on Thursdays people residing nearby visit this haunted fort to light incense sticks and offer milk along with grains to please the Djinns residing here, as they believe that if pleased Djinns can fulfill their wishes with his supernatural powers. Apart from this, these people are also seen writing letters to Djinns or the Laat Wale Baba as they call him in other words and tie their letters to the old railing guarded by the 2000 old and ruined pillars in its premises.

3.   The Ridge

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With its numerous haunting and mysterious stories, The Ridge near Timarpur also known as the extension of the Aravalli Mountain Range is definitely one of the scariest places in Delhi that only daredevils can visit. This is the place where people have witnessed regular ghostly encounters. Adding to the spooky vibe of this area is the fact that almost no mobile networks works here or if its works then it is in a poor connectivity. Moreover, the number of ancient and ruined monuments around the Ridge makes it a scarier place to visit. Here people have experienced a British still fulfilling his duties in his uniform. This one is surely a place to ignore if you are one with a weak heart due to its spookiness and haunting vibes.

4.   Sanjay Van

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Although, the name of this place looks appealing, but Sanjay Van is not appealing at all to those who know the legends and myths behind it. In fact, despite of its greenery, it is one of the most haunted places in Delhi because there is something very mysterious and scary behind the greenery of this small forest. Located near Vasant Kunj region of South Delhi, Sanjay Van is a haunted forest stretch of around 10 kms with some of the oldest peepal and banyan trees that are said to be the favorite homes of the ghostly spirits. Here you will find shattered ramparts of Rai Pithora Qila with its numerous graves. Many believe that this forest is a home to a number of evil spirits that roam in the air creating an eerie atmosphere both at day time and night time. This is not all; the ruined Majars and the mausoleums of a number of sufi saints under big trees here add to this mystery and paranormal factor of this scary place. Those who have visited Sanjay Van have experienced a number of horrifying instances as if someone has pushed them or a woman with open hair dressed in white clothes peeping behind the trees getting vanished all of a sudden. Apart from this, people have heard the sobbing of children here.

5.   Delhi Cantonment
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For a tourist visiting Delhi Cantonment will be like visiting a place full of natural abundance and lush green surroundings; however, to those residing here it is a place that no one should dare to visit especially at night. Many people have experienced ghostly encounters at Delhi Cantonment like a middle aged woman clad in white clothes running with the speed of their car and chasing them or stopping their car on the middle of the road and suddenly vanishing. In fact, those who stopped their car to offer her lift saw her vanished and those who dint stop saw her running and chasing their car. According to a legend, this lady is said to be killed here in a car accident and thereafter her soul wanders here to attain peace by haunting others. People living in nearby areas dread to step out of their house at night due to the fear associated with this particular place; moreover, numerous paranormal investigations have also declared this place as one of the most haunted places in Delhi. This is not all; even those who went there to check the mystery behind this place have returned experiencing the same ghostly lady encounters to verify its spookiness. Elders have strictly advice people crossing this region not to stop their car for anyone asking for a lift.

6.   Mutiny House

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This monument was actually built by British to honor the British soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the famous 1857 Mutiny Revolts. Apart from its historical value, there lies something really paranormal around this monument and in fact people have witnessed various ghostly sightings here. Many people have also noticed wriggling limbs in multiple numbers at this monument with horrifying sounds and scary noises. Due to its spookiness, people are found afraid to visit this place to even pass nearby due to a wicked eerie feeling that surrounds this haunted place in Delhi.

7.   Chor Minar Hauz Khas

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Now, don’t mistake this one with the famous Char Minar of Hyderabad. Chor Minar, the name in itself has a mysterious quotient. Located in the middle of the most happening place of Delhi, Hauz Khas, the Chor Minar is actually a haunted place. According to legends, the holes in this minar or the tall pillar were actually spiked using spears which were driven in the heads of the thieves that were brutally punished here under the reign of the brutal kind Ala-ud-din Khalji. Thereafter, the spirits of these dead thieves is said to haunt this place in a very active way by scaring the visitors. This is one of the most haunted places in Delhi that one must not visit especially during the night time.

8.   Khooni Darwaza

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Scary as its name, the Khooni Darwaza or the Bloody Door is a dreadful place in Delhi. Considered as the door of an ancient fort, Khooni Darwaza or the Lal Darwaza is the place where not one but three princes of the old Mughal Dynasty were shot mercilessly by the brutal English General William Hudson during the Sepoy Mutiny. These princes were the sons of Bahadur Shah Zafar and their names were Kiz Sultan, Mirza Mughal and Abu Bakar. Legends say that the spirits of these three dead princes still await the general to take revenge of their brutal murder here. Another legend says that during the 1947 partition riots, a number of refugees were brutally murdered here while they were trying to take shelter in a refugee camp in the Purana Qila or the Old Fort and thereafter their spirits are said to haunt this place that witnessed their murder. Khooni Darwaza is also counted one of the old 13 gates of Delhi and it is located near the very popular Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium. Not just the door itself but the whole ambience of this particular place is scary and will offer you a nerve wrecking vibe if you happen to pass nearby.

9.   Lothian Cemetery

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As the name suggests, this cemetery is situated on the Lothian Road and it just a half kilometer away from the very famous Kashmiri Gate region of Delhi. It is true that every cemetery has a spooky vibe but there is much more than this when it comes to the Lothian Cemetery. Counted amongst one of the most haunted places in Delhi, this Christian cemetery has many ghostly stories behind it and in fact, visitors have experienced many scary scenes like a headless ghost roaming here or a ghostly figure roaming under the full moon light. People say that this ghost was a lover who was actually a young soldier who faced betrayal from his beloved and committed suicide by cutting off his head and thereafter his spirit wanders here around the numerous graves in search of his true love. This oldest burial ground in Delhi for Christians is just like the ones that you will see or might have heard about in many horror movies.

10.   House No. W-3 Greater Kailash

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Clear by its name, this one is a house in Greater Kailash region of South Delhi. According to legends many decades ago an old helpless yet happy couple residing here was brutally murdered here in this house and their dead bodies were dumped in the water tanks; thereafter their dead spirits are believed to haunt this place and no one is able to live here. Those living nearby have heard numerous sobs, cries and screams from this haunted home. W-3 is in fact the scariest among the abandoned haunted houses all over Delhi. Even after so many decades of the murder, the house experiences the spooky vibes of something really mysterious that makes it one of the most haunted places in Delhi.

Apart from the above mentioned top 10 haunted places in Delhi, there are a number of other sights too that are considered scary. The list includes places like the Agarsen ki Baoli, Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque, Malcha Mahal, Bhuli Bhatiyari Ka Mahal, The Karkardooma Court and Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station. Each and every haunted spot in Delhi has its own mysterious era and story behind it but that doesn’t make Delhi a place less explored by visitors from around the world. Delhi, the capital of India has much more to offer you apart from these haunted stories and spots that can make a vacation or exertion here an exciting and memorable trip for a lifetime. We would also like to reaffirm that the spookiness of all the sights mentioned in this article is based on the account of people and legends around them and not guaranteed officially or by the Delhi Government. 


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