March 27, 2016

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Sending special April fool gifts

April Fool’s day- a day of pranks, laughter and lots of fun!!! This is a day when you are free to try all sorts of pranks on someone or you end up becoming the target of others. April’s fool day is not considered as an official holiday but it is definitely the most eventful and mischievous day on calendar. April Fools Day has now recognized as a festival of fun worldwide and people from various nations celebrate this day in their unique way. 

Whether you try to avoid yourself from pranks or you choose to prank on someone very close to you, it is a day filled with enjoyment and never turns out to be boring. However, it is not necessary that it has to be a day of pranks, you can also drop a “hi” to someone you care about or can utilize the opportunity to come closer with your friends.  

Most of the jokes on April fools day are just for fun and are not meant to harm anyone. The best prank is the one  which brings laughter on everyone’s face including the one on whom the trick has been played. 

Here is a list of cool April fool gift that will keep you and your friends laughing and smiling all day long.  April is a month of pranks and practical jokes and you must be thinking what can you present as an april fool gift to a special one who is much into reading. So, stop thinking much about this and go for these tricky and fun titles like “The April fool”, “April fool dead” and much more available on Greeting  

Books as an april fool gift will be cherished for a longer time period by your friend and will remind him of the fun and laughter you have on this day!

Enjoy the whole month of laughter and prank with these amazing april fool gift!!!!


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