March 27, 2016

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Play With Angel Cards

Most of us feel that there is a need to closely work with our guides and angels especially after a mysterious experience. It brings out the idea of unseen protectors and teachers to us. Our angels and guides comes in to visions and dreams and many of them can also appear in melodramatic ways.  

Frequently, the angel card decks consists of a set of simple positive messages or optimistic phrases. Interpreting them is not an easy task, you need a lot of practise for that. Angel cards are the best way to form a relationship with your spirit guides and guardian angel. If you want to familiarise yourself with the phrases and pictures on each card you can read the leaflet or instruction book which comes with the pack. 

Spend a little time to play with these cards and make yourself easy with laying and shuffling the cards on the table. Experience the real feel of the cards. Then all you want is to cleanse your angel cards before you begin. It really does not matter what words you choose but saying a prayer will help you to work to high extent. You can also dedicate the reading to your preferred god or goddess.

It is very important that you keep your angel cards in a safe place. The small or single word looks beautiful when put in an open bowl.  If you are waiting for messages to come through then it would be beneficial if you put the bowl with the card next to the telephone.

The bigger cards require much care and you can wrap these angel cards in a piece of black velvet or silk. If you are not much into needle and thread work then you can easily purchase lovely drawstring pouches. Moreover, you can pack your angel cards and put them into a wooden box safely after each use to protect the cards from the energy of others.


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