March 27, 2016

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humorous birthday card ideas

Birthday cards always include the same boring lines about how to live life, and being thankful for another year. However, just because it is common it is not that you have to stick with it. Moreover, If you give the same kind of card with the same birthday saying every year, the gesture itself may look that it is not coming out wholeheartedly. It will appear as if you are doing it out of obligation and not because you want to. 

This might not  be a big deal for you but the receiver may see it otherwise. Therefore, it is always better that you add something new to every birthday card that you extend. And one of the awesome way to add spice to your birthday greeting is to give a humorous birthday card. A birthday card with funny messages never fails to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. Different people have different preferences so it might be possible that what is funny to you may not be funny for the recipient. Therefore, whether its birthday cards with funny birthday poems or funny birthday sayings you must choose appropriately. 

It might be possible that you and the receiver share the same taste and preferences, so you can choose a birthday greeting card which consists of jokes the recipient will find funny. Individuals with jovial personality may find almost everything funny. If the recipient is younger, then you can find a funny birthday card consisting of jokes suitable for the kids and with which they can easily relate. 

If you are unsure whether the receiver will like your choice of a funny birthday card or not, you can also include a personal message explaining why you have chosen that particular card. This will add a personal touch to your message and will surely make the gesture more meaningful.


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