March 27, 2016

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Creative Online Pranks and Greetings for April Fools’ Day

The All fools’ day has such an intoxicating charm that many of us simply cannot stop ourselves from playing a goofy prank on 1st of April on anyone we can get hold off.  While some like to spook their friends, others may like to just give quirky surprises to their loved ones. Now whatever your idea of a prank may be, the same cannot be executed on person if you happen to remain away from your target individual. In such a scenario one would need to resort to online pranks.

The idea of online pranks has many takers. For once it does not have risk of deeply offending any individual as some practical pranks tend to do. Further one can play the prank on anyone irrespective of their location. One of the easiest ways to spook someone would be to send an innocuous presentation which ends with a loud scary scream on the last slide combined with a horror picture. Such a presentation can give goose bumps to a viewer and scare their wits out on All fools’ day.
Next you can send across a trick game or puzzle that does not offer a direct solution but at the end offers an answer which embarrasses the reader for actually reading the riddle. Such riddle jokes which point fun at the IQ of the reader can make or stir up the fools day for your friend.
Besides pranks you may like to send quirky greetings cards to your friends to share the funny feeling. Funny greeting cards offer one of the easiest ways to paint smiles on to the faces of your loved ones and make them feel elated.  


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