July 3, 2015

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Top Money Saving Apps

Smart phone not just for its name sake but is also ideal for its functionality. It allows to do lot more than mere texting and calling. It GPRS, camera, access to mail in one go, and many more convenient things has not only make our life simpler but also saves on a number of things with the download of certain apps.
It does not need any clarification though you can check these leading money saving apps and realize these smart apps actually worth of saving your time.

Viber – Communication Savior
Viber is not a new name but we have not so far realized that how it has made our life so simpler. From domestic to international calls, messages, video calls which we make from our phones or tablets is completely free from it. There is no need to worry about the mobile balances now till the time you have an internet connection you can connect to your family, friends, employees, colleagues anywhere in the world around. The list is not complete yet you can also share stickers, pictures, have group chat with 100 contacts at the same time. The bonus is that there will be no pop-up ads in this app.

Desidime – Shop as well as save
These days when online shopping has became an integral habit of individuals Desidime is a sure shot app which helps the shoppers to save at the time of shopping. It offers various discounts, coupons, deals and so many cashbacks on several products and services from thousands of online stores. Before buying anything just log on the Desidime and check the best and maximum offer or discount you can have on that brand/store. It has deals for every segment like clothes, food, fashion, bags, cosmetics, mobile, entertainment and many more.

My Income Tax Assistant – Tax Savior
Tax a seasonal fear which comes to us at the end of every fiscal year and makes us run to our CAs or HRs to make us understand the most irritating part of our salary. So here comes the       My Income Tax Assistant app will save you from the troublesome of planning taxes. It already makes the tax calculations at the starting of every fiscal year for you. Yes you got it right; all you just need to do is submit your salary details like deductions, rent, allowances, loans or investments in this app in the starting of fiscal year. This app not only calculates the tax payable but also keeps on suggesting on all the possible methods along with updating with the changes and present tax rules of present fiscal year. You must be thinking about the privacy but no worries since it is password protected.

Home Budget Manager Lite – Money Savior
Home Budget Manager Lite keeps a note of the daily expenses, bills transactions, profits in the most convenient manner.
It allow access to unlimited accounts, track transactions, set the daily bills and expenses browse expense and incomes by category, budget for every category enabling that you should not exceed the budgeted limit. It also enables to provide a glance of income and expenses statistics with the proper charts like income vs. expense vs. budget, expense vs. budget and expense vs. income. It provides ample space to store infinite records with safe backup at the same time protecting the data with a password.               


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