July 9, 2015


Top Image Hosting Web Sites

It has never been easier to take and upload photos on the web. We look for sites which allow us to keep our photos backed up, offer us tons of space, make them easy to share, help us with editing tools and showcase them in beautiful galleries. Based on our opinion poll we have come up with top 5 nominated image hosting websites. These are not in any particular order.

1.       Flickr
When it comes to store and share photos online, Flickr is considered as one stop destination for photo freaks. Since being taken over by Yahoo it keeps on changing the website layout, making galleries attractive and upgrading its mobile app such that one can edit and upload the photos smoothly in one go.

However some nominations have pointed towards some its confusing features like "Pro" accounts to ad-supported /high storage accounts/ ad-free and features which required three to four clicks which were previously on click feature. Though, it is largely an excellent platform to host the photos with lots of photographers, with multiple license options, privilege of making photos private or public, and groups of almost every possible interest. The popularity of Flickr lies under the third part community. With a Yahoo account, Flickr is free with 1TB of storage (limited to 200MB/photo and 1GB/video, max 3min duration).  For an unlimited uploads you can choose its "Pro" is Flickr's ad-free account option which gives unlimited uploads with the same limitation as the free account for $25/year.

2.       Google+Photos
       When it comes to Google we always end up the conversation with its social network platform. However, Google+ Photos provides lots of options and tools to manage the photos even if you have uploaded them from iOS device, Android or even from any camera or computer. You can backup your photos from multiple sources, edit them with web based image editing tools, connect with Google account, edit them from any device and put filters on them, or you can take help from Google’s "auto awesome" process which auto correct the photos. Google+ photos auto organizes the photos into “moments” like a trip and creates date wise galleries giving it a slam look. The plus of the Plus is that it suture the panoramas collectively.
   The best nomination is that it is free until you upload photos in the standard size with an unlimited storage. It gives your photos a fantastic and look good feel, auto upload makes uploading and backing up the photos a process which makes the sharing and browsing photos from any device smoothly.        

3.       Imgur    
The most popular image hosting site – Imgur is best known to quickly upload and share photos. With a free account registration you can upload and share photos as well as manage comments on them with a limitation upto 225 images photos only. A pro subscriber with $24/year can have analytics for his photos/galleries, ad free experience with unlimited photos upload. The beautiful galleries of this classic site and careful management of photo credits, presentation, licensing, fast uploading and easy to use interface make it a final destination for the photographers.   Pro users are provided photos more than 10 MB getting compressed while free users gets photos more than 5MB compressed to that file size.

The mobile apps of Imgur are also appreciated for their excellent browsing and tracking features with an open API which helps the developers to loop in the third party tools and apps in it.

There are also some nominations which totally criticized the image compression of the platform. But it’s easy to use interface with uploading features even without any account has so far been able to stick the users to it. 
4.         500px
    The uniqueness of the 500px lies under its functionality which provides a social network platform to the photographers which allows them to interact with each other, share their knowledge & work, follow the ideology and grow simultaneously. There are lots of platform which allows uploading and photo sharing but the uniqueness of 500px is that you can share your best photos here, and interact with them who wants to know about your work. Many of the new arrivals on the platform are from the diversion of Flick being unhappy with the new changes however over the period of time both websites has adopted almost similar functionalities. 500px works like any other social networking platform with user profiles, photo galleries under the user names, followers and not the least license control of photographers with the intent to sale or license their photos. With the 500px mobile apps you can keep abreast with your friends and photographers as well as run through your favorite photos and groups at your convenient.
The site may be smaller but the tools and image oriented interface make it different and motivational for the photographers. You can weed out your negatives here with the professional guidance and expertise with joining dedicated expert communities.