July 24, 2015

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Mozilla Firefox released 39.0; Check out what’s the buzz in town

Mozilla Firefox 39 is a far reaching browser which understands its user’s requirement. It is a plus over other web browsers in the ability to pop up windows and tabbed browsing. From the early versions developers are considering it at its best for its user friendly and unique features. Firefox 39 is the answer to the irritating still loading messages on the browser. It is capable to lodge the user requirements on the chosen levels and points of need.

Firefox is configured in a way to automatically configure new versions. Though you avoid this to happen users will receive update every time when Mozilla releases new version.

In case if you have missed the update you can still check it manually by tapping on Alt key and then going to Help > About Firefox from the menu bar at the top. It will give you a window which will check for the newer version from where you can automatically download the new version.

Features of Mozilla Firefox 39
Speed: Mozilla has integrated search capability in it such that users adopt this browser for internet search relatively to others. It just takes couple of seconds to load the heavy pages. The tabs are made to be more accessible which enables users to open multiple pages or tabs in ensuring ease of browsing.
Security: Another interesting feature is that Firefox 39 is much secured than other browsers to ensure that user have a safe browsing experience without the issue of browser protection from distrustful programs. Because of these many security tools like phishing detector and origin policy are included in it. Cookies can also be cleared to increase the security levels of the browser whenever needed. The browser security is also increased with a secure bug system allowing reporting malicious valid reports.
Share Hello URLs with social platforms: If you uses real time chat component i.e. Firefox Hello built in Firefox, you have the option to invite your friends.  Now you can also share those links on social networking sites.
Asynchronous Plugin Initialization: Nearly every chromes hangs in Firefox which are mostly related to plugin installation because of plugin-container.exe child processes. In this version those patches have been modified which means lesser time and therefore less hangs.
Installation: Browser installation is relatively easy and compact. However, the download may take couple of minutes but once set anyone can easily familiarize with this wonderful browser. Make sure to choose a proper theme as per your preference so that the browser looks user friendly. Relatively to other browsers Firefox 39 can be customizing as per your preference.
Private Browsing: In order to facilitate a secured browsing Mozilla Firefox gives the option of private browsing leaving no history at all known as Porn Mode. For a smoother accessibility one can also change the browser’s skin. The live bookmark feature also ensures tracking of few relevant new sources with browser which helps in monitoring the web from different angles while browsing thus enhancing the browser security. 

Watch out other Change logs -

New: Share Hello URLs with social networks
New: Project Silk: Smoother animation and scrolling (Mac OS X)
New: Support for new Unicode 8.0 skin tone emoji
New: SafeBrowsing malware detection lookups enabled for downloads (Mac OS X and Linux)

New: Support for 'switch' role in ARIA 1.1 (web accessibility)

Changed: Removed support for insecure SSLv3 for network communications

Changed: Performance of displaying dashed lines is improved (Mac OS X)

Changed: Malware detection service for downloads now covers common Mac file types

HTML5: Added support for CSS Scroll Snap Points

HTML5: Enable the Fetch API for network requests from dedicated, shared and service workers

HTML5: Implemented <link rel="preconnect"> allowing anticipation of a future connection without revealing any information

HTML5: List-style-type now accepts a string value

HTML5: Cascading of CSS transitions and animations now matches the current spec

Developer: Drag and drop enabled for nodes in Inspector markup view

Developer: Cubic bezier tooltip now shows a gallery of timing-function presets for use with CSS animations

Developer: Localhost is now available offline for WebSocket connections

Developer: Web Console input history persists even after closing the toolbox

Fixed: Fix incomplete downloads being marked as complete by detecting broken HTTP1.1 transfers

Fixed: Fixed an issue where a Hello conversation window would sometimes fail to open

Fixed: A regression that could lead to Flash not displaying has been fixed

Fixed: Improve performance of IPv6 fallback to IPv4

Fixed: Security state indicator on a page now correctly ignores loads caused by previous pages


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