July 27, 2015

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How To 'Unsend' a sent Email From Your Gmail Account

OMG! Sent a wrong mail to your boss, no worries Gmail "UNDO send" feature is here. The horror of sending wrong mail, typo error or regret sending a mail can be rectified using UNDO send feature of Gmail. The UNDO send feature officially is now a part of Gmail. Once in our life we all regret to send Gmails which we regret for a long time. There are actually email programs which provide an alternative to recall an email but again do not stands that the recipient won’t get it. Gmail give you some time to think again and prevent the mail to be sent before it actually delivers the mail.

How to Enable Gmail’s Undo Feature?
Being a new and official feature of Gmail back from the mere beta staus in Gmail labs let’s check out how it works-
1.       Login to your Gmail account

2.       In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the gear looking icon i.e settings

3.       At the upper right you will see the “General tab”, click on it.

4.       Under the General tab you will find “Enable Undo Send” check box. Click the check box to  Enable Undo Send

5.       Select a cancellation time period there; it states the number of seconds you can have to prevent the email from being sent. You can opt 5, 10, 15 seconds as your convenience.

6.       At the bottom of the settings clicks on save button in order to save the changes. 

How to Undo sent emails in Gmail?
1.       Click on the compose button at the upper left corner of your account.

2.       Compose a message randomly and click on send button.

3.       At the top you will find a message, “Your message has been sent. Undo. View Message.”

4.       In order to stop the message from being sent, click the Undo link.

5.       This way Gmail would stop your message from being sent and shows the message if you want to make any changes and resent it.  If you don’t want to send it though you can save the same in the draft or delete whichever you are fine with. 

The Undo Send feature is a convenient and handy feature which makes sure right person receives the right email. Those who are using Labs version of ‘Undo Send’ will have the feature turned on by default at the time of launch.


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