July 28, 2015

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How to get most Facebook engagement

It has been stated in a recent article When to Post Things to Facebook if You Want the Most Likes, that Facebooks’s elusive algorithm is responsible for making the posts most visible which is far beyond the understanding of a user. This algorithm is the Facebook’s secret to determine which stories will be in your newsfeed. From all the calculation and multiples the most important element is “good timing”.
Almost 25 million Facebook and the associated reactions were studied to find out the best time for post. Here see some of the findings-

1.       Early afternoon and late mornings gets the maximum engagement.

2.       In New York, stories posted prior noon grab the most attention. Though, by the 3am there is a consistent fall in the engagement.

3.       Best days to get highest likes are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

4.       The best time to post stories in San Francisco is between 9am to 10am. Check the optimized posting times in the chart for Paris, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo

 In trend suggest that friends are little shy on Thursday, with the quietist schedule on the weekends. Monday is mostly tuning day when people back on their work and check their news feed.

The study also reported that the maximum likes comments and shares come only for a shorter time just when someone posts something. Many of us may disagree with this trend as it may depend on our individual experience.    

If we go with MacWorld, which states that Facebook will soon going to take the amount of time user spent on reading stories as a deciding element for the top of your news feed.

So if you want most engagement by your friends try to share your stories during the week particularly in the morning or early afternoon.

Please let us know what you think about these finding in the comment section below and let our readers to follow the trend and get the most likes on their stories.                               


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