July 28, 2015

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How to earn while Blogging on Linkedin

Linkedin which is considered as business oriented social networking platform has now opened the gates of its publishing platform for its 270+ million users. So here is a win - win opportunity for the users since they can socialize and at the same time earn also. This development strategy is an evolving paradigm of Linkedin. Here is how you can make money by blogging-


1.       Use a promising headline
For any content its headline stands for 60% of its success for grabbing the attention of the readers and making them read the content. So it is necessary to use a promising headline which delivers value to the readers. For example if you are writing for an investor you can try ”Top 3 money saving app”.

2.       Use a persuasive photo
Photo is considered as a lifeline of any story. It is responsible for 40% of the success of your post in Linkedin. The photo should be meaningful and in context of the post provides great results. You can also check the websites like Shutterstock or istockphoto for licensing the photos. Skiping the photo in post is equal to bringing your content near the failure zone.   

3.       Write a crisp post
It entirely depends what you want to deliver but ideally 400-600 words post is enough. To add variety and taste to your post try to use italics, bold, numbers and even quotes would do. Videos and slideshare presentation sometimes makes difference in reader perception to decide which content to read. So if possible go for slideshare and videos through Linkedin toolbar.

4.       Be on time
Readers wait to hear the seasonal activities of bloggers like in New Year, spring, Christmas and more. The traffic volume surge for the appropriate post during those times of a year. For example: in the beginning of the year people are looking to do New Year resolution oriented things like: lose weight, stop smoking, find love, get insurance, and get healthier, so you should be ramped-up with your promotions and content with the similar lines.

5.       Must include two "calls to action" at the bottom of the post
Always summarize the post with two calls to action at the bottom for your readers. It is necessary to use call to action and asking readers to comment since comments are motherboard of traffic. The second call to action should be any offer – here you will sell products, drive leads or seek app downloads. Try to make the readers curious to read your post; you could try “"To learn more, click here". A clickable picture can do magic here.

6.       Share your post on different social media platforms
Nevertheless sharing the post on Linkedin is the most logical reason for a blogger. Though, it is good to share it both publically and privately through messages to your main connections. I’ll advise here to share the post couple of times as login times of your friend’s differ. You may also request your close connections to share your post in their network and hence giving a network chain to your post. Share your post on facebook and twitter and below give the Linkedin link and write “To know more click” and divert the link on Linkedin where you have posted your story.  

Hope this post helps you to gain traffic on your posts. Just make sure you have a good strategy and concise content and cover all the bases. Even if you are already publishing on Linkedin or looking to become a publisher please let us know if we can guide you somewhere in the comment section below.



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