May 18, 2015

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Use Social Media to find deals or coupons

Social Media not only allows checking the recent updates of our friends, relatives or colleagues but its real power is still unknown to many. It facilitates discounts, deals, coupons or even negotiations with the company for better deals. Here check the different ways in which you can leverage the money saving in your purchases from social media

1.       Use hashtags to check deals
On almost every social media platform hashtag(#) is used to search particular topics. But most of us are unaware that hashtags are also used to search deals and offers on social media. More particularly on Twitter; it is a standard mark for finding deals or discounts there.

Before randomly searching you can use these shortcuts to search deals or coupons on social media
-          #(Product Name) #Deal or #Coupon: This combination will provide better results in terms of deals. Like if you search #Mobile you will find very less deals although if you break this search #Mobile#Coupon, there you will find lots of coupons and deals.

-          #(Store Name)Deals: It offers tailored results for in store purchases. The matchups when bargain with the shoppers keeps you informed for the products/services on sale and even tell you when a coupon will be available at a lower price.

You can also try seasonal hashtags like #Good Friday#deal. This will provide the deals or inform the retailers that you are looking for some seasonal deals. 

Negotiate the deals on Twitter 

Twitter is considered as a standard platform to negotiate for the interested deals or coupons. Yes, you heard it right you can negotiate with the bargain bloggers appointed by companies to give you a leverage on the deals you are interested.

For example you can share your problems with the bargain bloggers that you are not happy with the current services or the deals seems to be expensive.

The common strategies used to negotiate are-

a.       Join an existing conversation

b.      Say the service is too expensive 

2.       Use Pinterest Boards to find deals
Pinterest has a different strategy to look for the deals. With the hashtags you will find very less or expired deals. The right way is to search “boards”, which collects pins for coupons and deals as the most recent items.

For future updates you can create your own Pinterest for coupons and deals.

3.       Check for coupons in Facebook message
There may be times when you have knocked every door and could not find any deal. So, try the Facebook Messenger and directly ask the retailer without hesitation if there is any deal or coupon. Normally the retailers answer in 15-20 minutes.

Many store retailers are very choosy to give coupons since they wait to be asked from them. For example retailers like JCPenney, 1-800-Flowers, Lands' End and J.Crew. The deal or coupon can be any form like free shipping, discount on total bill, some free accessories or any other complementary services.  


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