May 19, 2015

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Top 10 amazing features of Google Now

1.       Ask Your Phone Anything

Google Now does most of the things itself. One just needs to ask something and can get the results. Google Now’s voice commands is here for every answer even from making conversions or telling you the chief of home affairs in US. You can give it any command from “What is”, “who invented”, “stock price”, “author”, “how old” and many more. 

2.       Keep abreast with your favorite news and website

Google Now is smart enough that it will provide you information on the stuff you have recently searched. Eventually, it will also inform you of the breaking news, weather change and other important information. In addition to that it keeps you informed on some people, bog or even any author you like.

3.       Keep you update on the movies, TV shows, documentaries and books

Google Now smart sense captures the data or information you search for a TV show, book, movie, video game and anything else. It gives you an option to remind you about the searched events or objects like when your favorite movie is going to release or you daily TV episode is going to start. If you want to avail more customized services you can take the help from your cable provider like Hulu or Netflix and they will adjust the cards according to your demand services.
4.       Provide access for the upcoming events.
If you have any planned event or concert it will remind you to for the event, inform you when to departure, and most important provide you instant access to you email in order to get the tickets. It also facilitates Fandango integration so that one can scan the tickets directly. 
5.       Show the distance summary (walk or bike)

If you enable the location history or reporting in your mobile, Google Now will provide a status update every month that how much distance you have covered on bike or walked depending on the accelerometer of the phone.

6.       Updates on stocks and sports

Google Now provides an update on your favorite teams and followed stocks in the settings of Google Now. It keeps you pinging when your team is winning, stock fluctuation, and may more. It itself capture the data about the stock you searched on Google Finance.
7.       Travelling information

Whenever you leave the town, Google Now alerts you and facilitates with lots of information required in travelling. If you will take a flight it will keep you posting about when to leave for airport, getting your boarding pass ready as and when you reach there. Moreover, it will detail you about the car rental, hotel information, roads, events occurring, photo spots and even translates the data and information if you are in some other country.
8.       Shopping online  

Google Now track data for the items you order online and allow you to have a shopping experience in the real world too. For example when you enters in a shopping mall it will update you with the available stores there and if you have any product searched in the Google history it will intimate you if that is available in nearby shop.
9.       Provide reminders anywhere, anytime

Google now gives the reminder almost about every stuff, right when you actually need that. Try the Google now feature of reminding any specific thing or event at a certain location. For example ask it to remind you “Pick up milk in evening”, “Take out the trash when reach home” and so on. Even if you have Google calendar, it will remind you of the events happening and bills you need to pay monthly or quarterly.
10.      Make commutation easy

We spend a lot of time in travelling these days during work hours, friends, relatives or many other social activities. Google Now has made it even easier to commute like when we enter our office address it will automatically capture the data of the distance between where you are at the present and how much time will it take to reach there.  It also supports public transit and driving and reminds you where you have parked your vehicle and train schedule. It also allows to share the commutation details with your family and friends so that they can estimate when you are reaching there.



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