April 3, 2015

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Top tools for management of long term investment

Investing the hard earn money in some long term investment is a very difficult decision. With the increasing complexities and tough competition you cannot rely only on the judgment of an individual. Here you require the right perspective depending what you want to gain from your money. People invest for different reasons like some are active or clear monitors of their investment whereas there are people with hands off approach too. If you want to invest for a long term with least monitoring you will surely need a right tool for a fair judgment. So here we are with the top 5 tools as reviewed by our readers for the stock market.

1.       Personal Capital – After setting a firm investment portfolio it is necessary to keep a loop that how it’s going. The first thing came in the mind is to watch stock symbols regularly. However, there are couple of operating systems which have the functionalities to provide a watch list of stock symbols like the mobile operating systems of Apple and Google with a narrow perspective of reasons. In the cases when your investment takes a dip which obviously happens once at some point then no need to worry and no need to take drastic steps like selling your investments. In its place you can check Personal Capital for better understanding of your stock movement and future perspective.

How it works
Personal Capital enables one to log in your accounts to provide a complete perspective. For the diversification of portfolio it has dedicated tools which compare your stock movement with the market as a total. 

The first tool that you should check is Portfolio Section (in the top navigation bar). With this tool you can measure the performance of your portfolio with the different indexes like DOW, S&P 500 and many more. If that shows underperformance of your stock you can consider to selloff your investment. Otherwise if indexes are going down and your portfolio is still strong, hold for some time. This may result in long term earnings eventually.

Next is portfolio allocation tool which states the level of diversification in your portfolio. It shows the proportion of your invested capital in international and domestic stocks.

You should also check Investment Checkup tool to glance in diversification in the industries across. As it is said it is wise to spread your portfolio across industries so that it will get balanced when one industry underperformed.

The retirement fee analyzer tells the amount of fees and taxes which will over time influence your retirement accounts.

2.  Sharebuilder- If you are going to invest first time and is new to stock market then Sharebuilder is the best tool to narrow the bridge between the first investment portfolio site and high level professional research tool. This is perfect tool who wants to watch their investments very closely.


How it works
Sharebuilder is basically made to increase your savings as it enables you to deposit your savings directly in your account. From the frontend it makes sure your savings should be deposited in your account without any further delay. Similar to other billings process you can set automatically deposit option in this tool which makes difficult to access your savings.

It has a research tab which will allow you to check information on various companies potentially stronger and which may cater your interest for investment in future. It is divided into subsections so that you can keep a watch individually on the type of investment before you actually jump in like mutual funds, stocks, ETFs and so on.

If you are still confused to make any decision with this tool since it is your hard earn money so just set a watch list on the potential stocks observe for the first few months and then consider investing. Just try to learn how this tool works and how you can make money from it.

3.       Mint- For a regular watcher it is difficult to keep a track on lots of investments. Everyone cannot be a genius. At the end of the day the thing matters is what happening with your account. Mint is the favorite of our readers as per their reviews.


How it works
The interface of Mint is simple and interactive. You just need to sign in to keep a track on the investments. As you sign in it provides a summary of your accounts as well as the total investment you have done without any hassle.

Similar to Personal Capital it offers the measurement of your portfolio with the different indexes like DOW, S&P 500 and many more. It has certain limitation as well like it cannot provide you fee analysis and industry diversification similar to Personal Capital although it will depict your current holding/position clearly.



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