April 1, 2015


Top 10 Google Adsense alternatives for Bloggers

In web based marketing Google Adsense has been a trademark for bloggers. Various webmasters can run their programs by placing their Javascript codes on the websites allowing distinct Google servers to showcase Google Adwords.

Although bloggers many times get blocked by Google for content/image restriction then they can try these alternatives for commercializing their products, services and content.
RevenueHits is one of the best ad networks for advertisers and publishers. There are many people in the blogging network who earn mainly from blogging. When a blogger wants to earn money more than any other corporate the best option apart from Google adsense is RevenueHits which has brought huge earnings to the bloggers sometimes even beyond their imagination.
It is not similar to other adnetworks in the way that it is a performance based advertising network. The network pays for every eCPM on its CPA based adnetwork. It offers ads based on traffic generated by the blog content rather than the advertisement requirement. Thus traffic based ads are initiated by this Geo targeted and contextual ad network. One can easily register for RevenueHits for free and can earn money then and there. However, the navigation is also plus with its superb interface and design.      

Bidvertiser offers captivating ads to make sure that web based marketing companies can earn leads as well as success. The plus about this alternative adnetwork is its free design format which allows the web designers to get the desired text and appearance for their ads without any compromise. To create a favorable loop it also supports Pop under ads and XML feeds. Whenever any user clicks on your website/blog ads Bidertiser track that and provide the details to you which you may use as a valid lead resulting in the considerable amount of revenue.
For the users of Bidvertiser, the network has came up with Bidvertiser toolbar which will provide them better functionality and easy access to the home page, tools and direct programs of your website/blog. Whenever someone searches with this toolbar, the website/blog owner will earn revenues.   
Skimlinks works with the tagline “Unlock the cash in your content” which defines its way of working. This adnetwork aids its users in monetizing distinct phrases in the website/blog content by converting them in the affiliate links. Even with the normal and general links takes them and get them converted automatically into affiliate links.
One just need to add the JavaScript code to the content after uploading without registering up for any approvals or network links.
Media.net helps the web based marketing firms to streamline their revenue when they look other than Google Adsense network. This network is although very similar to Google adsense network in the way that it facilitates related ads as per the content of the website which further increases the probability of ad click.
For example if your blog is about travelling it will show the different ads of travel and tourism deals. It supports almost every kind of formats like images, text and video. Which means you can opt for any of these formats as per your feasibility and budget. It allows web marketers the flexibility of deciding the colour, shape and design of their ads. In the dynamic optimization feature of Media.net users can optimize their display and text without running different tags for each.
Infolinks provides you the most when you have maximum traffic on your website/blog. This adsense network is very popular in providing 4 different kinds of ad posting like inframe, intag, intext and infolds.
· Infold: This kind of ads offers the user appropriate ads with respect to the keywords they have previously searched before arriving to your blog/website.
· Intext: This kind of ads will double emphasize the keywords in your blog/website content such that whenever any keyword is reached by mouse the ad will automatically show.

· Intag: This will adds a double underlined keyword under your content such that whenever any keyword is reached by mouse the ad will automatically show.

· Inframe: It shows sliding ads by displaying ads on the sidebars of the website.

The approval process of Infolinks is very smooth and fast similar to Google Adsense. However, with little traffic you can also earn revenue but relatively lesser than the maximum traffic websites or blogs.
In last few years the adsense networking has got many Google Adsense alternatives which are somehow competitive in terms of revenue stream, CPC rates and better network.

The name can be little confusing to remember but with its increasing popularity it has became one of the best option for CPA and PPC to advertisers and publishers. Similar to other adnetworks it does not need any US social security number.
It is just a simple process of registration in which one need to confirm his/her emailed and as the emailed gets validated here you go with the posting of ads. B4PSAds provides the publisher benefits of regular web pages and news feed while giving the full control of the account. Under this adnetwork advertiser/publisher can keep a real time watch and management of statistical and campaign data. Publisher can also check the historical withdrawals and earnings as well.
The plus point is that there is no network and administrative fees involved in the signing up which provides the leverage of zero fees at the time of joining. B4PSAds.com is very much concerned about the privacy of the users, which they implement by collecting just the non identifying information of the user rather than their personal information.
It just not offers revenue for ad click but also for the resulting action.
Qadabra which was previously known as Adsgadget is one of the kind of Self-serve ad platform in the adsense market. This adnetwork has made revenue for many websites/blogs as it pays for all types of clicks like CPA, PPC and CPM.

It is also thought-out that the rates in this platform are one of the best in the industry which has result in choosing of Qadabra over Google Adsense many times. Thus, even with a decent trffic one can earn a lot with the high eCPM rate. The plus point with this platform is that you need not to wait for the approval just sign up and you are good to go. It will facilitate a dashboard at the time of registration where you can track your ads.

Dynamic Oxygen is very new in the industry but has shown greater potential in lesser time. This platform is not directed towards top end publishers or advertisers. They invite all the publishers who want to earn huge revenues. Dynamic Oxygen will trait the best possible targeted ads with respect to the content of the blog.

The good point is that you will find some of the new formats here like Peeler Ads, Anchor Ads, Interstitials and Layer ads as well.
VigLink is constantly rising in the ladder of the adsense platforms by monetizing the keywords. Different links are transformed in various affiliate links by VigLink at the same time taking the regular links of the content and redirecting them to several affiliate links by their servers. The plus point with their server is that it is able to pick various keywords from the content and automatically transform them in different affiliate links resulting in streamline revenues. It also allows sharing the links with social networking websites without any hassle.
You can always give up with the services of VigLink if you are not happy with them since there is no contract at the times of joining.


  1. According to the list and my knowledge media.net is not a good option in India as they are not providing a good return while chitika is better than media.net ya infolinks are good but Adsense is far away from these. If you have decent traffic than you can move to tribal fusion which is also a excellent option.

  2. I used infolinks on my previous website and i want to use on my new website. can i use new website.
    anurag chatap said it’s CPM is very low. he is right.
    its CPM should be good so Google Adsense is the best revenue advertising program.
    anyway thanks for giving nice information.

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  3. Google adsense account is very unsafe and I have seen many people losing their adsense account these days. These alternatives will definitively help. Is approval process easy or tough than adsense for these google adsense alternatives ?

    Ashley Jones

  4. How grateful am I reading this article. you wrote it in very good way.Thanks to let us know about high paying Google Adsense alternatives for our blog.
    here are no doubt that Google adsense is the world best Ad network for earn money. My most favorite and highly paying advertising network is buysellads after Google Adsense.