April 27, 2015

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Rap against Rape: “It’s Only a Dress, Don’t for a Second Think It’s a Yes”

Salute to two females from Mumbai -  Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi who decided to come in front and express theirs ( all in all a female ) feelings with their youtube video 'Bombbaebs' #Rap Against Rape'.

These women are asking for their rights and redefining the respect, honour, dignity and masculinity rather than just posting comments and tweeting on the social media.
They have again raised the issue that our society is been discussing since years.
1.       A female menstruating is considered as dirty but it seems cool if she is flirting with you.

2.       We treat a pornstar as celebrity although give our ultimate hate to rape victim.

3.       Slogans of Mera Bhaarat Mahan but have you seen any father saying "Meri Beti meri Shaan".

4.       Beef is banned in our country but criminals are given so much of respect in our parliament.

5.       Females are treated as Goddesses in Kanya Pujan but in night they are treated as animals.

6.       Males want to date the sexiest girl but want will marry a simple and innocent girl.

7.       Girlfriends are referred as Chikni Chameli and with other oddest comments but holding her hand in public is an offense.

8.       If females walk alone in night they are considered irresponsible but if they walk with some men they are treated as shame for their family.
   Must watch this video-


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