April 24, 2015

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How to lose a guy in 10 sentences!!

In this age of blue ticks and whatsapp we have come up with easy to go 10 sentences with which you can cut someone else from your life! Use these sentences practically to get rid of someone you are dating with (Awww).

       1.  My ex boyfriend had a superb body.         
    2.  Don’t think our babies will have your lips, nose and specially eyes.

3.  Your mother always this rude?
     4.  Hey your friend is really hot.
5.  Look, I only travel in business class.
         6.  Hey sweety, it’s been 5 minutes since you text or whatapp me
         7.  I think you are little fat
         8.  Dear can you take my picture again(40th time)? 
         9.  I have bought matching T-shirts for both of us. We will wear it when we go out with our friends.
        10. Darling, instead of your female secretary can you hire a male secretary?

 If you have any other sentences which can help many of girls out there, then do help them by writing your ways to lose a guy in our comment section.  


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