April 1, 2015

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How to do nail art with newspaper

Defining nail art tells us the ideas expression, creativity and innovation. Nail art has became an integral part of nail makeup these days starting from flowers, butterfly to newspaper. We promised you in our previous posts that we will share the nails with newspaper art soon. So here we are with the post on how you can imprint newspaper on your nails.

You just need rubbing alcohol, cotton, light colour nail paint, newspaper, nail polish remover and clear nail paint with some small pieces of newspaper.
First wash your hands and apply a layer of clear nail paint to provide nails a smooth base. Then, apply a light coloured nail paint firmly on your nails. Lat the nail paint dried, once they get dried plunge the nails in the rubbing alcohol for few seconds.

Now, collect the newspaper pieces in your hands and press them softly and firmly on your nails. After few seconds peel off the pieces from nails, you will see the ink from the newspaper on your nails giving it a newer and special look.

Remove the excess nail paint from your nail with the cotton. Repeat the process for all the fingers and finally apply the clear nail paint once again to provide a protective layer on nails.  


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