April 23, 2015

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7 times when only mom made Top Ramen will do a magic!

How can you forget the Top Ramen between your go to midnight snacks at the special occasions when your Mom used to allow skipping boring vegetables, Awww! There is no wonder how it is a mood saver in our life’s low. Today we have few occasions when only Mom made Top Ramen can do a magic. Do not forget to write ‘Yes’ in our comment box if you agree with us.

1.       When you have a fight with your best buddies and want some piece of mind and no doubt Top Ramen

2.       Hey your school tiffin, want to show off that how cool you are with noodles.

3.       When you have had terrible day at office/college and you feel your boss or teacher is mad at you and shares this with your mom…. Here comes she with a delicious bowl of Top Ramen(Yummy)

4.       In the chilling winters when you need a steaming hot bowl of Top Ramen to sooth your freezing fingers.

5.       Oh...when you have cold or cough and want something hot and slippy.
6.       Sunday hangover- people are screaming in your head and the best you can get to handle this torture Top Ramen prepare by your mom.

7.       Going for an interview and do not have time to eat your heavy breakfast. 

Do I missed any magic then add it in our comment section let other know when the Top Ramen prepared by your mom creates magic for you


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