April 27, 2015

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6 awesome Firefox Add-ons

Mozilla Firefox is known for its awesome add-ons since it is the only browser which brings the extension in the virtual world. Every other forth night Firefox keeps on upgrading its add-ons and eventually Firefox 35 is a go getter add-ons making it an ideal browser.

1.  Privacy Badger: It is an awesome add on if you want to prevent the big websites to track your internet trend

2.  Tab groups helper: Although Firefox has lots of add-ons to manage the tab but Tab group helper is little different. It prepares the list as per the currently opened tabs. It helps in quick navigation between tabs while hiding the other tabs.

       3.  Imagus: It is one of the updated add on in firefox.   It helps to hover on the images to see the           large size view of it without actually opening the tab. It is relatively lighter than other image add-ons of Firefox.


4.  Open link in silent tab: With this add on Firefox teach us the mannerism of being silent where necessary. Many times we open a video or youtube channel in other tab while browsing your current tab at the same time. However, all of sudden you hear some music from the background. Irritating! This add-on pause the other tab till the time you switch to that tab.

5.  Fokus: There are events when you want to focus on a certain part of website rather than the entire content. So here comes the Firefox’s Fokus. It will cover the entire page as black however highlighting the selected portion or content.

6.  UI Eraser: It helps the user to customize the Firefox as per their preference. If you don’t want to see so many options in the context menu with the right click, here we have UI Eraser which will remove them. Even a toolbar or an entry from it can be removed.    


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