April 21, 2015

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10 AWESOME Perfumes costing less than Rs, 1000

Hey we all want to smell great almost every time. But we cannot afford to wear the expensive perfume everyday that we love so much - coz we can’t stop spending for rent and food!

So now you won’t need to spend a lot on your everyday perfumes because here we have bought 12 amazing perfumes which are wallet friendly and cost even lesser than Rs, 1000! 
Nike Trendy

1.       Nike Trendy EDT

Price: 530

Strong Fragrance

Not like floral or fruity fragrances rather a spicy scent

Long staying period

Does not stained the clothes

Revlon Charlie Red
2.       Revlon Charlie Red

Price: 800

Oriental Floral fragrance

Soft Fragrance

Feminine Smell

 Diesel Plus Plus Feminine
Price: 990

Long Lasting

Bitter Orange

Overly sweet-smelling scent

Good for daily use

4.       Benetton Let’s Love

Let's Love
Price: Rs 825

Notes of bamboo and raspberry

Yummy smell

Long Lasting

Magnetic spirit

Lee Cooper Originals
5.       Lee Cooper Originals

Price: Rs 900

Sweet Smell

Rescue laziness

Good for daily use

6.       Skinn Nude By Titan

Skin Nude
Price: 930

Aromas of lychee and rose

Gives a ladylike and elegant smell effortlessly

Seamless merges with the skin

Strong Smell

7.       Caribbean by Police

Carribbean by Police
Price: 900

Good for daily use

Smell like fresh from Morning to Night

Great for sweltering days

Delightful and pleasant fragrance

8.       Oriflame Queen Of The Night

Queen of the Night
Price: Rs 842

Correct for dressy dinners

Appropriate for special occasions

Night-time perfume

Fragrance is intense

9.       Playboy Play It Spicy

Play it Spicy
   Price: Rs 400

Unusual Smell

Peppery Fragrance

Oriental, floral and hot

Bellini cocktail and pink berries aroma

Price: 895

Wild Lily Perfume Oil
Concentrated perfume oil 

Blend of floral and aquatic accords

Cool Feeling

Long lasting

Aquatic scent

Composed of fresh and lively flowers


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