March 20, 2015

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What you can do with Magazine holder

Previously Magazine Holders are used to put magazines… not only magazines lot of magazines. However with the event of online subscriptions, emails storage these objects have gone in our store room or became a liability for their maintenance.
So now what you going to do with your Magazine Holder? Let’s check what you can do-

  1. Hang on the walls of your kitchen walls; put some designer cloth or paper on them and potatoes, cans or onions in them.
  2. How can you forget your slippers and flip flops, get them tucked in the magazine holder
  3. You can store toilet paper rolls in these holders under the sink for the future use.
  4. Keep the holder diagonally on the corner of your room walls and use them as a decorative stand or an open drawer.
  5. The hair straighter or dryers with long cords can be also put in them.     
  6. Fitting one above other in a row over a wall can make an attractive showpiece holder.


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